Monday, 11 May 2015

7th Birthday and DNA

We had a look at our house on Lego Street View...

Sprout built some more of his Halo Mega Bloks

Moppet looked at her Wildlife Watch magazine

She and Squidge played a bit of Huff Puff

Squidge played some Little Big Planet 3 and then helped Moppet discover how to play Skylanders Trap Team

Sprout installed some Minecraft mods and watched some Nerd Cubed videos.

He made another video for his YouTube channel 

Moppet decorated some bracelets with stickers 

They all played Moppet's Peppa Pig animal noises game together. 

We checked the tadpoles.

Moppet picked me some dandelions.

We all played Cariboo which they really enjoyed.

Sprout wondered if grasshoppers have wings...

...and if so whether they can fly.

He told me lots about different sorts of bats, including the flying fox.

He had a friend round and they played Garry's Mod.

We had a few lovely sunny days

Moppet and I made a clothes peg aeroplane at her request.

She played on her Happy Hopperz.

The boys dressed up and played some battles in the street.

This lot ate the biggest chocolate bars EVER.

Moppet wanted to know what noise hippos make so we looked it up.

They watched some Dinosaur Train.

Sprout worked on a minecraft house.

Moppet and Squidge started off watching the Slow Mo Guys and then moved on to various other slow motion and funny videos.

They all played with the air compressor from their Crayola spray painting kit, pumping it up and blowing it at each other and seeing how to make it stronger.

We went out for them to go shopping with their pocket money, and I took them for lunch in Squidge's namesake cafe. Moppet read her comic and played with the stickers.

Sprout built his Halo set.

Squidge played with magnets.

We went home and watched funny cat videos :)

We checked on our caterpillars who had started making their coccoons.

We went to Wolseley for some friends' birthdays, and they built some dens.

Moppet pretended to be a dog searching in mole hills for treasure.

I can't remember what they were doing here except that they were laughing a lot :)

Sprout worked on some more videos for his YouTube channel.

We moved the chrysalises into the hatching house.

They played zhu zhu pets together.

Sprout talked about how much dna we share with Orangutans, and we looked up how much we share with bananas :)

We went to Just Kidding with friends to celebrate Squidge's 7th birthday. It's the first time in a few years he's wanted a celebration with other people (he feels very uncomfortable being the centre of attention) and it went really well, he had a lovely time :)

They each built a little wind up animal toy.

Sprout told me how sharks should be more scared of people than people are of sharks, and we chatted about why and looked up some figures.

He made up a quiz of random facts to give to one of his Skype friends.

Squidge built a Kreo Transformers set, partly with Gruff and partly with me.

They watched Oz The Great and Powerful.

They all had a bit of an ice cream fest, coming up with lots of different combinations and helping each other make them.

Moppet built her wind up giraffe.

The boys and their friend made some chocolate cookies.

They also played with cutting paper, making various people chains, snowflake-type monsters, and then an anatomy model of a Creeper, which Sprout talked me through the various organs of :)

Moppet and I played Frozen Top Trumps.

Sprout played a rubber ducks game which he found very funny :)

He and Gruff started building his gaming PC

Lastly we spent a morning watching Toy Story 3...

...while Moppet watched youtube toy videos in Spanish...

...then spent a couple of hours taking event posters to places that were kind enough to put them up for us (and I was so so proud of Sprout as he had the confidence to go into the shops/pubs etc with me and he explained himself what he was organising and asked whether they'd put his poster up. Ace boy!!)
Afterwards we went to Gentleshaw to see the animals and for Sprout to make a video showing all the animals and saying about the event.

Back at home Squidge played some minecraft with his friend and Sprout designed a coin sorter out of Lego while we edited his video.

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