Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Fun, Uneventful Week

This week has been full of the eventfulness of uneventfulness: nothing out of the ordinary, just busy pottering about, playing around, and playing with friends here and there. 
The boys next door have started coming round to play again after a long hiatus (long story!), and it's a totally different atmosphere with them now, Sprout, Squidge and Moppet are all really enjoying it. One evening they all got out the play dough and just did that for a couple of hours.

Something Squidge made reminded me of Kadinsky's circles so I showed him this...

It was Shrove Tuesday last week, so Squidge and I made pancakes, the most successful I've ever managed. Actually so successful we had them the next day too, and I would have even had one if the kids and their friends hadn't eaten them all ;)

Sprout has been playing quite a bit of Far Cry 3 with one of his friends.

Moppet did some collage with a zoo brochure and a *lot* of glitter...

...while Squidge used even more glitter to make this zombie.

Sprout had a friend over to play, and built his new Hero Factory that he'd ordered with his birthday money.

We made some sugar mice...

...and had some spare mix so made some shapes with our Ice Age ice cube mould, which came out pretty well I think :)

Squidge and I also used a recipe from his Something Sweet magazine to make fudge (we'd been waiting for our new candy thermometer to turn up, thank you eBay!) It was the first time either of us had made proper fudge and it was niiiice :)

We've started having a little visitor to the window (we had a little bird last year that used to come and knock but I can't remember whether it's the same one). Squidge wanted to know what it is, and I'm clueless about birds, so we asked his grandpa who says it's a long tailed tit.

We met the kids' grandma and grandpa for a drink and a snack at Trentham garden centre, and Squidge and Moppet showed them their Bakugans and told them what we've been up to.

Back at home we spent some time outside blowing bubbles :)

Gruff and I spent a couple of afternoons tidying up the garden ready for Spring and getting the kids' playthings out again, and then we've been lucky to have a few really nice sunny days to make the most of them :)

One of Squidge's friends showed him how to do a trick on the trampoline where he bounces down onto his knees and then back onto his bum again, he was very excited to master it :) Jts prompted him to watch some trampoline tricks on YouTube too.

I helped Squidge and Moppet build a fort to watch tv in, and they went and got some snacks :)

We went to a home ed meet up at the park...

...then when we came home the boys had a trampoline picnic.

Sprout experimented with what shapes he could make with the EZ Fort kit and which stayed up the best.

Squidge and Moppet wanted to watch Gruff using diagnostic equipment on our car.

The moon was really visible on a couple of afternoons so we got the telescope and and the kids and their friends had a good look.

Sprout made a little house for Moppet with the fort kit.

We went to another home ed meet up at the Play Barn.

Squidge watched one afternoon as Gruff and a couple of his family shifted a load of rubble from our kitchen-demolishing shenanigans.

And then there's just been a lot of Little Big Planet 2, Adventure Time, Tekkit, Minecraft server, Future dlc on Sims 3, and Lego. So busy but uncomplicated, chilled and fun :)

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