Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 8 Mr Silly's Stuffed Eggs

What could give away the age of this recipe book better than this extreeeemely 70s recipe for stuffed eggs?

I started by showing Squidge how to prick the top of an egg with a fork so the expanding air doesn't crack the shell. Then he put them in a pan of cold water and boiled them for 12 minutes as instructed in the recipe. 

While the eggs cooked he measured out 1/10th of a 250g tub of soft cheese for the 25g the recipe called for, followed by a couple of teaspoons of salad cream. He added a pinch of salt and a shake of pepper, and mixed it all together.

Once the timer went off for the 12 minutes, he asked me to drain the eggs and then he ran them under cold water for a couple of minutes. Once he decided they were cool enough, he shelled them and cut them in half. He asked me to scoop the yolks out, then mixed them with the cheese/salad cream mixture, and scooped it all into the centre of the halved eggs...

A (generous) sprinkle of paprika, and our eggs were served!

In the end none of the kids wanted to try them, so they gave them to me and Gruff. One bite and I was transported swiftly back to birthday parties in church halls, wearing dresses made from curtains and eating stuffed eggs, Wheelz, and Pacers :) Awesome!

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