Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring. Kind of.

It was an outdoorsy start to the week (well, end to last week, but that was when I last blogged, so y'know), with a trip to the park with friends, where in addition to the usual stuff...

...they were also interested to have a look at one of the trees that the council had cut down, and we looked at the rings inside.

The next day saw a lovely afternoon at Amerton Farm, where the boys mostly bounced on the bouncy castle, and Moppet mostly investigated everything under her own steam!

And despite it being freeeeezing outside, Sprout and Squidge both opted for ice creams on the way home :O

That night Squidge fancied some one on one time with me, so we headed for the arcade, shot some zombies, dunked some hoops, and hit the jackpot on the change machine :)

On Saturday we all went to an advance screening of The Croods, which was fantastic. My favourite line, riding on a thin layer of metaphor, was from the daughter, Eep: "We know we'll make it because we changed the rules, the ones that kept us in the dark."

Sunday was the annual trip to feed the lambs at Rodbaston, which never seems to last long enough!

The week then took an indoorsy turn as I went down with the black death. Oh okay a cold, but it felt like the plague. 
The boys rediscovered quite a lot of things they hadn't played much with recently...

...and Squidge wanted *lots* of stories reading, including most of the Mr Men...

...and the Beatles' Yellow Submarine book.

He also had fun getting me to spell things with his magnetic letters, and getting me to pronounce the strings of letters he put up. He also enjoyed changing Grandma to Grandpa to Grandka to Grandwa... :)

Sprout spent some time on a couple of new games (N and Track Mania Nations Forever), and then went all dinosaury with his new game Primal Carnage (his favourite part is flying as the pteranodon), and a build-your-own T Rex kit his friend had got him for his birthday.

Squidge played a lot of Jenga and memory game (I swear he has a photographic memory!), and found a pack of plastic cups which he made some games up with. One was where he filled them with different amounts of water and then with his eyes closed worked out which ones had more and less water in based on how heavy they were. Another one was he set cups out and poured water into just one or two, and I had to pretend I couldn't see which and just guess :) One of his favourite phrases at the moment is, "I'm joking!" as it's just suddenly clicked with him when things are wrong/funny or silly/funny. It's so much fun to be a part of!

This was his favourite photo of the week, he made a rainbow out of a pack of glowsticks, then we took a photo of it back inside the tube.

Moppet this week has reminded me how absolutely non-stop it is having a toddler. All of a sudden she can get up the stairs (quickly!), climb onto all the furniture (quickly!), and grab pretty much anything in this house (also quickly!). 
This is her sitting in/playing with/eating the connecta-straws...

...eating Jay's dinner (seriously, she's speedy)...

...and clapping! So cute! She can also wave, and say Dada, Mama, cat, dog, and that. She loves playing passing games at the moment where we say who to give a ball/toy to next and she does it.   

Last thing for this week is Sprout's burgeoning cooking skills. He said to me the other day that once he is an adult I'll have to cook his bolognese as he doesn't know how, so I asked if he'd like to do it all himself this week and he was *so* excited. Here he is chopping the ingredients, and a bit of frying, stirring, grating, mixing and simmering later, and he proudly served it to everyone. It was lovely. Better than when I make it :) Squidge called him chef and assisted where required.

We're hunkering down tomorrow for the predicted blizzards... hopefully Spring will be around the corner somewhere!

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