Friday, 29 March 2013

Minecraft Easter Eggs DIY

So I've had an idea in my head since before Christmas that when Easter rolled around I'd make Sprout some Minecraft things out of eggs... then my egg cuber broke... I ordered another... eighty seven year's worth (or thereabouts) of snow fell on the Midlands... junk mail made it through but Royal Mail did not... I hunted out this tutorial on how to cube eggs ready to go all Blue Peter on their eggy asses... then at the last minute the replacement for my beloved egg cuber was delivered to our door :)

So, first up, add some gel colouring to some boiling water in a pan. Use large eggs if possible as they give better corners on the finished cubes. I had to cook my eggs one at a time as I only have one egg cuber, but if you have more or are feeling crafty enough to make some of the ones linked above, you could obviously do more at the same time. I cooked three in green colouring, one in red and one in blue. After it's been boiling a few minutes, take it out and crack the shell all over for the green and blue ones, and for the red one just on the top and bottom leaving an unbroken-ish strip around the middle. Return the egg to the boiling coloured water to finish cooking. For the red one, take it out a couple of minutes before it's completely cooked, remove the shell completely from the top and bottom leaving a strip of shell around the middle of the egg, spread more red gel colouring on the exposed ends of the egg, and return to the pan for a few minutes.

Once the egg has finished cooking, take it out of the pan, and remove the shell while it's still hot. Pop the egg into the cuber, and fasten it down. Put it in the fridge for an hour or so.

Once the egg is cool, open the egg cuber and push the now cubed egg out.

For the Creeper, draw a Creeper face on the front of one of the green eggs using a black icing pen. Cut one of the other green eggs in half down the middle top to bottom, then again top to bottom the other way. Push two cocktail sticks through the third green egg (the body) from front to back, and add a piece of the quartered egg onto each point for legs. Then put half a cocktail stick into the top of the body, and put the head on top.

For the TNT block use the same icing pen to draw the fuses on top and the writing on the side.
And for the diamond block, just use the blue egg, no further decoration needed.
And voila! One completely edible Minecraft Easter scene :)

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  1. LOL That's so freakin' adorable! Glad your cube thingamajig came through in time :D