Friday, 29 March 2013

Planes, Games and Automobiles

The main theme running through this week was Sprout and Squidge's rediscovery of their dressing up things after I reorganised them to make a better Make Believe area (the old one had been squashed in the gap between the doorways to their rooms, I've now moved it to surround Squidge's bed as he doesn't currently use it to sleep in). They've dressed up as pirates and doctors and racing rivers and Sportacus, but mostly goodies and baddies with some mash up of power rangers, knights and soldiers. Most days they've set up a battle arena on the family bed and saved the world (same as we do every night).

Last weekend saw our long awaited trip to i48 Multiplay Insomnia Gaming Festival. From Minecraft... Far Cry 3 and awesome specced up PCs... lots of GameCube Super Smash Brothers and other retro games in the amazing Retroactive area, we all had so much fun. Planning our trip to i49 already!

Meanwhile the game Bad Piggies had piqued Sprout's interest in biplanes, and Scribblenauts Unlimited had brought SAM launchers onto his radar, so we decided to take another trip to Cosford RAF Museum, where he managed to see both. As well as their usual fun time in the Fun 'n' Flight area, they also went in the new 4D cinema twice to see the Fly Me To The Moon short.

The next day saw our monthly home ed Lego Day with friends at our house. It was a busy one and not much Lego was played with, but by the resulting chaos in the boys' rooms I'm pretty sure they all had fun :D
Gruff took Sprout to the new local Hackspace that night to check it out, and he came home excited to design and make their sign from EL wire, and looking forward to being involved with building a 3D printer.

More snow pretty much every day this week saw even the boys sick of it, but they overcame their winter ennui eventually and went sledging...

...and built a snow Easter bunny :D

Moppet has taken a sudden developmental leap this week, taking her first unaided steps, repeating all sorts of words, waking me up in the night asking for 'milk' and 'hug', throwing a ball, initiating games of peekaboo, and climbing the ladder up onto Squidge's bunkbed. At 13 months old. Crazy times! Here she is having a bounce on the mini trampoline with Squidge.

Yesterday we got stuck in some huge tailback of Easter traffic, and while Moppet and Squidge slept through it, Sprout and I chatted for a while (what colour iron is, smelting, what red hot is, when things get white hot), then he took the opportunity to do a spot of photography, including snowiness...

...moving cars...

...and self portraits :)

We've got some cool Minecrafty Easter stuff planned for this afternoon once Gruff gets home from work, can't wait!

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