Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Safari Trail and a Friendly Snail

While Sprout had a restful morning in to recoup some energy, I took Squidge and Moppet to the cinema to see Home. We were early so they played on the pillars which they really enjoy :)

Moppet helped her baby dance Gangnam Style :)

They loved the film, and when we got home they ate candy floss and played with some Boov toys.

Later on we all watched the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo and Juliet.

Moppet found a snail and brought him inside for a while and fed him lettuce. 

I took Sprout to the tabletop sale at Whitmore Village Hall so he could see how they had the tables arranged and think how he wanted to arrange things for his charity fun day. He played on the excercise equipment while we were there.

Moppet wanted to know where a snail's eyes are.

Squidge and Gruff played Cluedo.

I drove Sprout to his grandparents' house (he likes to stay over with them for one night in every even numbered month :D ) and we chatted on the way about Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis fungus that controls ants, and about the new games that he is interested in (The binding of Isaac 3, The ship, and Factorio). Once we were there he told his grandpa all about Airjitsu ninjago sets.

The next day they went to Hawkstone follies.

Squidge and Gruff designed and built some Lego together.

Squidge and Moppet went to Come into Play for a friend's birthday.

Sprout wanted to know why most people in Nigeria were black but more people here are white, so I showed him this map and we talked about melanin, skin cancer, evolution and vitamin d.

Then he told me about dragon lilies which his grandpa had been telling him about.

Squidge showed me all the features of the space vehicle he and Gruff had made from Lego.

Sprout is really interested in the African savanna at the moment, and tells us about the animals there all the time, so I thought he in particular would like a trip to West Midlands Safari Park. 
On the way there Squidge was in charge of music so there was lots of 80s electro :) We've also been listening to the Big Questions CDs again this week.


Moppet navigating through the safari.

Gruff getting slimed by a deer :)

An *extremely* excited Sprout feeding a giraffe.

Picnic time!

Moppet showing me how big she is ("This big!")

Sprout showing me his transformation into a celery monster!

Watching the boa constrictor presentation.

Getting eaten ;)

Giving me a tour of the dinosaur bit :)

Excavating some 'fossils'.

Telling each other jokes through a snorkel :)

Sprout watched some Game Theory and some more Wild Kratts, then came to tell me about Oxpeckers.

Next day was water pistols in the park with friends :)

Their grandpa phoned me to tell me the Dragon Flower that Sprout had been waiting to bloom had done so, and they don't stay in flower for long so we went over not so much to see it but to smell it.

So horribly stinky that it knocked him out ;)

We had dinner outside in the sun and the kids played on the trampoline, then while Squidge watched some Xiaolin Chronicles and Moppet watched doc mcstuffins, Sprout played this birds of prey app again. 

They all played Panic Lab, with the boys helping Moppet understand how to play.

Sprout loved this photo that went round Facebook.

He watched a lot of Wild Kratts, and told me lots of new things I didn't know :)

Squidge designed some new minecraft skins.

Sprout bought the alpha release of Factorio, and we worked out the basics together and he got a factory up and running. 

Sprout started playing animal jam again, found out lots of new animal facts and completed some missions to find various animals.

He had an email conversation with his grandpa about the dragon flower.

Squidge showed us all the things he could turn a chair into, including a canon, a waterski, a spaceship, and a knight's helmet.

Moppet watched some Teen Titans Go...

...and ate some strawberries she'd picked from the garden along with some Sprout had brought back from the pick your own farm.

We all went to Westport Lake for a friend's birthday.

They all fed the geese...

...culminating in Moppet running away shouting, "No, geese! I not a seed! I not a seeeed!" :)

I found that a little person had been playing with the phone on my camera :)

And the boys played together for the evening. :)

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