Monday, 6 July 2015

Tesselations Play and Charity Day

Moppet started the week making some cornflake cakes with Gruff.

Gruff and Squidge played some minecraft together.

Moppet watched some my little pony YouTube videos...

...then went outside to catch some rain in a ramekin on her head, as you do.

Sprout browsed online to find the best price for a Lego set he's saving for, then played on the Draw a Stickman apps.

Squidge played some Crazy Craft and we tried to work out the Random Dungeon spawner.

Moppet watched some doc mcstuffins and then had a pretend picnic with her my little ponies.

Sprout told me a couple of brands he'd realised were both owned by coca cola, and I showed him this graphic to give some idea of the size of the company.

Squidge was very excited that his poster of his photos of the Stoke sculpture trail arrived, and he put it straight up.

We went to Amerton Farm for a friend's birthday, and the kids were really excited to see these chicks!

There was lots of bouncing...

...some *really* loud fussball...

...lots of sand (with corresponding orange bums)...

...this awesome bouncy pillow...

...a 'dodge the water squirts field, and more sand castles.

Plus tractor races...

...and a Moppet-sized pony!

The boys took me and Moppet for a scoot to their favourite corner shop later to buy some sweets.

We had a day in the next day to sort some stuff out for Sprout's charity event. He also played some Far Cry 3, and emailed the butterfly keepers at Chester zoo to ask if they have any monarchs there and ask the best time to visit to get chance to chat with a keeper.

Meanwhile Squidge asked me for some more mods on minecraft and then worked out how to use them, and he and Moppet played babies again and then she watched some Dora.
We went outside and picked some strawberries and the first two raspberries of the year, and noticed that the peas had started growing.

We had a bit of a stressful morning with various things, so went out early and had lunch at McDonalds.

Sprout broke the code on the Minions Happy Meal box.

We met up with friends at the Potteries Museum. We looked at the Hoard which we hadn't seen again since it was first displayed.

Moppet looked at this sculpture and said it looked like a melting lady.

Squidge wanted to know why this woman was sad.

They dressed up as insects.

And slouched on the couch.

We finished off with a tea party.

Sprout was looking at the pictures of the Happy Meal Minions toys, and asked whether 'ancient Egypt' came after 'cavemen', and we had a chat about the lengths of different eras and when and where things took place.

Later on he showed me some Google Easter eggs.

The next morning Moppet and I made pancakes, while Squidge played Minecraft and Sprout played Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. 

Moppet asked me to put her baby blanket on her head to look like me after a shower (!)

Tiny toes :)

We had a day of whizzing about getting things ready for the charity event, and Moppet saw this hairband in a shop and decided she'd look like Elsa if she wore it :)

Squidge played with these two off cuts of paper, showing me the various shapes and patterns he could make (square, triangle, parallelogram, cat, sad cat...)

Sprout and I went to pick up the keys for the hall for the charity event, and he played on the playground while we waited for the key holder.

I had an early morning of making balloon models :)

The charity event went well, it ranged from quiet to steady but everyone that came had a nice time, and once we'd taken everything into account we actually raised £150 for Gentleshaw wildlife centre (and someone else donated another £150 directly to Gentleshaw on the back of the fun day :) ). I was incredibly proud of Sprout, and as I watched him run the Hot Wheels competition he'd planned I realised that I need to hold back on my well intentioned 'helpful' input when he has ideas as actually he has things under control :)
We had such amazing support from family and friends to pull it off, we feel very lucky :)

The lovely Lisa fairy of Fairies of the Three Fairies came and face painted 

Farm face :)

Squidge was also an amazing help on the day, from proactively helping from really early on in the morning with the balloon models, to tending some of the stalls and helping tidy up at the end :)

Three generations taking part in the hot wheels competition, along with some other kids (not shown)

Moppet came with me to the children's ward at the North staffs hospital on our way home to take all the left over balloon animals, she was so excited to give them to the nurses :) We also had a couple of helpful strangers help us carry them all inside, so thank you random act of kindness people!

The next day I had work, and Gruff read Aladdin to Moppet. Sprout played a lot of Roblox on various custom levels, and Squidge played hot wheels in the street and played down the fields with his friends. 

Squidge and Moppet painted piggy banks.

In the evening Moppet watched dinosaur train while Squidge watched Worlds Apart by Cirque du Soleil, which he's seen several times and loves :)

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