Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Slowchin' on floors and Thumb wars

Sprout had an hour or so engrossed in his Lego Club magazine.

Moppet caught the tummy bug the boys have had, so spent a couple of days like this :(

Squidge explained to me how counter weights work, and told me what he thought would happen if a lift got taken over by evil :)

Squidge and I played with taking photos :)

Moppet and Gruff made a shaker out of a long cardboard tube, some foil, dry rice, and her roll of owl pattern tape.

Then she wanted her photo taking with her pigs :)

Sprout built a residence on a Roblox world.

Squidge and Moppet made some chocolate pudding from this recipe http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/instant-chocolate-mousse-4

It was sooooo good :)

Sprout made me a giant Lego flower to fix in my hair :)

Squidge played with his Lego car...

...then played on survival minecraft while Sprout watched some GMod Tower videos.

Sprout then built a Wipeout type course for Lego minifigs.

Then the boys played Lego together for a while.

We dried out the finished salt trees, which they were all pleased with :)

Sprout played some hearthstone.

We checked on the burgeoning catterpillars.

Moppet had another marathon story session.

We took our shadow puppets we made to the puppet theatre at their grandparents' house, and they each put on a show. This was Moppet's, about her and a bag of crisps...

...this was Squidge doing his, about him and his friend becoming a Skylander and a dragon...

...and this was Sprout's, about Winter the dolphin, her rescue story, and a flying cloud-eating shark :)

Squidge and I did some colouring together while Moppet rode her tricycle. His was very energetic with multiple pens at the same time.

Sprout did some more videos for his YouTube channel.

We all watched A Dolphin Tale together.

At home Moppet wanted me to read this to her.

Squidge did lots of races up and down the house and got me to time him.

Sprout built lots of Lego...

...and built a Lego tripod for his ipad, submitted it to his diy.org film-maker skill, and put a video of it on his YouTube camp.

Squidge and I had lots of thumb wars, which he finds hilarious :)

Sprout and Squidge (briefly) formed a rock band. 

Squidge played CoD online with a friend.

In looking up facts for the Twitter account for Sprout's charity event, we discovered the way that white faced owls camouflage themselves as branches and he wanted to find a video to see so we did.

Gruff, Squidge and Sprout worked on his 3D printer.

Then Sprout built an air powered car from a kit he had.

Moppet made a keyring from air drying clay.

They all played catch :)

Then they all played the 'Uncle Grandpa'-inspired game of slowchin' on the cowwwch, slowchin' on the flooooor... :)

Gruff and Sprout played some minecraft together...

...then Gruff and Moppet looked at her My Wild Life owl book and put the poster up and had a look at it.

Moppet spent some time examining the letters in her colouring book, tracing over the shapes with her finger and counting them.

She had another Gelli Baff, then dressed up as a pirate for us to go out for the afternoon.

We all went to the Wacky Warehouse for a play and some lunch, we very rarely eat out so thought it would be a nice way to spend a Sunday :)

More thumb wars with infectious laughter :)

Do-noughts and crosses :)

Back at home Sprout and Gruff built *lots* of Halo Megabloks, while Squidge and his friend played with a broken hula hoop which became various ninja weapons, occasionally a rhino horn, and sometimes various letters of the alphabet. Later they did a little Lego set together.
Moppet's verdict of the day was, "It been a nice famiwy day today." <3

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