Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 17 Part 2 Mr Lazy's Lemonade

So we find ourselves at the end of Squidge's mission to cook everything out of the Mr Men Cookbook! Mr Lazy's Lemonade here we come!

First he grated the zest off two lemons.

Then he poured a pint of boiling water over it and added half a cup of sugar, stirring it to dissolve it

While that cooled, we frosted some cups ready. I wasn't sure of the safety of using raw eggs whites to do this as instructed in the recipe so we did it the not-quite-so-effective-but-ok way by just getting a bowl of water and a bowl of sugar and dipping the cup rims in the water then the sugar and leaving them to dry.

Once it was chilled, Squidge halved the two lemons and squeezed them into it...

...then sieved it into the cups.

It tasted like sherbet lemons, lovely!

And here is the tail end of a thumbs up from Squidge in celebration of the completion of his mission :)

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