Monday, 2 June 2014

Dress Ups and Mess Ups

It's been a very-chilled-mostly-at-home week this week. Squidge and Moppet invented a game where I turn the hourglasses over and then they sing the word 'silly' and dance until it runs out :)

Sprout has been playing with the app that measures your heart rate when you put your finger over the camera.

I picked them all up a little whiteboard in Poundland and Moppet was eager to share her work of art :)

Sprout became an officer of the law :)

There were blow darts...

...Sprout got engrossed in his book about robots...

...we installed the moon and star mod that he wanted on Skyrim...

...they all fitted themselves in Sprout's wardrobe...

...and I found Yogcast's Will's map as requested by Sprout and installed it so he could play, he was VERY excited by this :)

Sprout put his whiteboard to use straight away to list, by acronyms, the things he wants to accomplish this week.

I also saw this screen far too much while we were setting up a team for Sprout's Terraria server, until it turned out the problem was at Multiplay's end not ours (but they were amazing at sorting it out!)

Woohoo, team quarrying! Sprout and I have managed to get in touch with a few lovely unschoolers who love Terraria as much as Finn does, and they've been chatting and playing and he's been suggesting projects and ideas :)

I picked up a Mickey Mouse recipe book in Poundland too, now that the Mr Men one is all cooked and done :)

They got a huge pile of books off the shelf one day and we had a big story session. Squidge came up with his own story too (about his teddy going on an adventure) and wants us to do pictures for it and make it into a book.

We played with face paints! This is Squidge's 'during' picture of his self-painting using my phone as a mirror...

...Moppet's blue cat that she asked for (she's meowing here!)...

...and my two face and Squidge's ninja :)

We did have a couple of hours out at the park home ed meet.

Sprout discovered the Red Herring app while we were there and has played with it loads.

We did some silly selfies :)

There was some reeeeeally high swinging...

...and a bit of rain.

When we got home Squidge and his friend watched a little spider eating some kind of little bug.

...then Squidge and Moppet went and looked after their teddy bears for a while. 

Sprout and I downloaded Goat Simulator and he had a hilarious time with it...

...while Squidge and Moppet had a snuggly nap :)

More face painting turned Squidge into Blast Force from Skylanders Swapforce...

...who then went and made some rocky road pretty much all on his own, about which he was very proud :)

Big Brother is back which Sprout loves. He loves looking at the different aspects of the house and furniture, and watching what the people say and do and telling me why he thinks they say and do what they do :) He was especially enthusiastic about the hitech look of the diary room, and says he intends to design a house that looks like this :)

Between the rain and storms there's been the odd sunny day, so lots more trampolining all round...

...and a happy Moppet tramping muddily about the garden :)

Squidge bought a bubble gun with some money he'd saved up, and shared it with Moppet.

Gruff had a weekend off so we all had a rare all-of-us-together lunch at McDonalds, and played on the Magic Table.

Back at home they did some painting with their friends, we laid out a big piece of paper off our giant roll, and instead of brushed they dipped bouncy balls in paint and threw them at the paper :) Then they hunted for more unusual painting implements, and painted with leaves, chive flowers, and boots :)

More bouncing :)

And Moppet's little treasures that she found.

More art in the house while it rained...

...and Squidge made some roasted cabbage to go with our Sunday lunch :)

Then he and his friend made some chocolate mousse out of the Mickey Mouse cookbook, almost all by themselves too :)

While I was trying to sort out Sprout's Tekkit issues, the face paints came out again and Moppet wanted to be a robot pirate cat :)

Squidge went up a bike size and was a hairs breadth from riding it on his own!

And Sprout played some more on his ocean apps, especially loving Whale Explorer :)

They've got quite a few things planned over the next few weeks, so it was nice to have a few days of just pottering about and doing what people fancied here :)

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