Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Minecraft Creeper Advent Calendar

This one was a little slap dash but the boys are excited at how it turned out so I thought I'd share it anyway!
I'd seen toilet roll tube advent calendars on Pinterest, and thought I'd put our own slant on it. They both love Minecraft, and I had lots of green tissue paper, so a Creeper face seemed like a good plan :)

First, the realisation of the unlikely scenario that between twenty four cardboard tubes there were about twenty three different sizes. Or twenty four. I don't know how. It adds to the homely look of the project I feel ;) (Plus obviously the kids couldn't be less bothered!)

I cut eight circles of black tissue paper about 4cm larger in diameter than the largest tube, and sixteen in green. I glued these with pva round one end of the tubes, and then glued them all edge to edge in Creeper face formation. While all this dried I covered a piece of cardboard of randomly indeterminate size in green tissue paper too, and then on a whim I cut a Santa-hat shaped piece of cardboard and covered it in red tissue paper and added a cotton wool ball on the end.
Leaving that all to dry, I printed off the list of activities I have planned for advent, and chopped them into strips.

Once all the glue was dry, I put the activity slips into the right holes (I know which ones they're in so if I need snow slime or marbling ink I can have it ready!) then glued the back of the block of tubes onto the big piece of green-covered card, then gently numbered the fronts of the tubes using marker for the green ones and chalk for the black ones. And voila! Sssssssssseason's greetingssssssss....

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