Friday, 25 October 2013

Sitting, Minions, Sitting, Adventure Drive, and Sitting

I do believe we've had an actual quiet week!

We went to see Despicable Me 2 with the National Youth Film Festival. The atmosphere was lovely!

We had our habitual game of air hockey on the way out :)

Afte taking a construction set to a home ed group at the start of the week, Sprout played with it lots more, and made shapes in 2D and 3D versions and showed me the difference.

Squidge played with a monster construction kit, as did Moppet a little bit.

Aside from that it's been mostly chilling out at home, chatting, sitting, watching films, sitting, drawing pictures, sitting, and just being together. It's been nice :)

Today Squidge wanted to go on a driving adventure, so he looked out for brown tourist signs, then navigated following signs that he noticed for somewhere called 'Pugin's Gem', that showed a silhouette of a church. They took us to Cheadle, and we parked and followed the church spire.

On the way Sprout liked these pigeon artworks embedded in the pavement by Ian Naylor, and we chatted about other things he noticed, like why petrol on the floor of the car park looks all different colours, and why peppermint makes your mouth feel cool.

After a couple of minutes we turned down this street to see we'd found Pugin's Gem, which turned out to be a Roman Catholic Church built in the late 1800s.

Both the boys found the doorway to be a bit too dark and foreboding so decided not to go in, but we wandered round the churchyard. A lot of the graves were for little children, and we chatted briefly about why more children died in those days, and how lucky we are to live now.

After that we popped into a visitor centre we noticed, but the myths and legends display that had tempted Sprout in was a bit wordy and dry. The lady told us the library had a good children's section, so we trundled round the town, looked at the market (making good use of the sweets stall) and eventually found the library. They had a book sale on, so I once again broke my book embargo for a couple of 'That's Not My...' books (at 30p each it'd be rude not to, no?)

After walking twice again up and down the high street while Squidge established that the cafe he was absolutely sure ten minutes ago wasn't the one he meant, actually was, we sat down for a drink, and Sprout took some pictures of the sky which was looking quite striking.

There's been a lot of Hallowe'en talk today, so I think that's going to be the overriding theme of the week to come! I see minions, devils and dragons in my future :)

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  1. We did a glass making project as part of a celebration of Pugin's gem, at the visitor's centre ... and I made those red and gold, lion doors :-) . We made it into the church once and the curate brought out all the vestments for us to look at ... amazing robes and silver cups and the like and let us hold them. :-)