Saturday, 19 October 2013

Archery, Swords, Axes and Not So Sharp Stuff

A somewhat chilled out week last week... Moppet's done lots of smiling and wearing different hats...

...we all took a trip to Dimmingsdale for some gorgeous cake...

... and a play together on their new favourite game, Stickman Downhill...

...oh and a walk in the forest because that's why we drove there in the first place!

They all liked looking over the lake at the birds...

...and Moppet thought it was hilarious to walk back and forth under the gate. Love the toddler sense of humour :D

We had a day at Come into Play for a friend's birthday...

...and played lots of board games. Whatever Next is their current favourite, they laugh so much while doing the things on the cards :)

More of Moppet finding delight in the everyday :)

One night Squidge and Moppet snuggled up in bed and watched the old Peter Pan cartoon, it was so sweet to see :)

We had another trip with friends to Gladstone Pottery. Squidge liked seeing his distorted reflection in these giant pots, and wanted to know why...

...they played Skylanders Giants on this raises bit of pavement, pretending it was a portal...

... and they really loved completing the treasure trail.

Sprout bought this pottery skull which he's decorating for Halloween. We looked a bit at Day of the Dead painted skulls, and he liked the symmetry so he's incorporating some of that into his design.

They've been incredibly eagerly waiting for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 to be released, so we went along to a preview screening, and they played with this Walking With Dinosaurs advert too :)

At the weekend we went to the Robin Hood Country Show in Nottinghamshire...

... where Squidge was surrounded by dogs, watched dog agility, wanted to stroke dogs, talked to dogs, was excited by dogs, and loved every minute of it! Dogs I tell you! I couldn't even have imagined that eighteen months ago when the pair of us were terrified of anything canine. 

As well as dog related activities, the boys shot some cork guns...

... and tried their hand at archery (Squidge got a bullseye!)

We tried some cakes made with recipes from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The verdict wasn't good, and we wondered whether palates unused to refined foods would have perceived them differently.

Sprout went on the bungee trampolines, and had such fun that we're trying to find where there's a more permanent one close by.

They both did some laps on quad bikes too, and have now tasked Gruff with fixing the clutch on theirs so they can use it again.

There was a small Viking village set up, and Sprout took the opportunity to hold some swords, spears and axes, and try on some armour, which he loves doing at the moment. I'm keeping an eye out for more opportunities to do this!

Squidge was happy with a cap gun, and played in the field as we left...

... while Moppet had a boot picnic :)

Back at home Moppet is really enjoying playing out front with the boys and their friends.

We've all been enjoying watching Naked and Afraid, about people put into remote places with nothing and trying to survive for twenty one days. It's led to conversations about snakes, monkeys, hunting, poison arrow frogs, and television realism, among other things.
Other really interesting conversations I've had with Sprout this week include one about long necks, including The Corrupt Man, giraffes, and Kayan Lahwi women. While waiting for a takeaway pizza we also had a conversation about gravity, quantum physics, the names of quantum particles, dark matter, the LHC, the Higgs boson, evolution, lava, the Big Bang, and myths where giants rise from the ground. I love our chats so much!

We've started off this week pretty quietly with lots of games and some crazy dancing at a home ed group, followed by a visit to the children's grandparents' house where Sprout played a make believe game with his grandpa with a Simpsons chess set, some Lego, and some very old Mask toys (there were battles, force fields, crystals, blood, levels, unlockables, XP... it was all very intricate!), and we briefly chatted about animals such as lobsters, squid, raptors and some amphibians that have blood that isn't red.

Looks like a rainy week to come, and the boys are definitely feeling kind of like hibernating, so I think it's going to be a really quiet one :)

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