Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 11 Mr Bump's Bean and Sausage Plait

This weekend was the turn of Mr Bump's Bean and Sausage Plait. AKA pie! Hurrah!

We preheated the oven to gas mark 9, then Squidge oiled a baking tray with a bit of olive oil. I'd bought ready rolled puff pastry so we missed the first step and he rolled the pastry straight onto the oven tray. Squidge then took a small, sharp knife and cut six diagonal inch-long slits down each of the long sides of the pastry.

Now for the sausage meat. The recipe asked for 8oz of sausage meat, so we took 5 sausages and Squidge squeezed the meat out onto the pastry...

...then squished it all into a big long sausage (he pretended it was play dough) down the centre. He then topped it with four tablespoons of baked beans, sauce drained off.
He brushed down the long edges with a bit of cold water, then folded them over the middle and plaited them into one another, and brushed the top with milk.

He asked me to put it in the oven, and after ten minutes we turned it down to gasmark 6. The recipe called for another 25 minutes after you turn it down, it took a little longer for us but that's our oven for you. 

And it was lovely! Gruff is a big pie fan, so this definitely went down well :) In fact, it was so good that even Sprout, who normally steers absolutely clear of anything where two things mix or sauces touch other things, really enjoyed it and even had seconds!

Next week, Mr Forgetful's Chocolate Mice on Chopped Jelly :)

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