Saturday, 12 April 2014

An Amphibious Rover and Rockets Flying Over

***Minor Frozen spoiler further down the page***

There's been a lot of dough here again this week...

...and while Squidge and Moppet have been doing that, Sprout has been designing a new castle on the Disney Infinity Toybox.

They asked to 'burn some stuff', so we built a little fire pit out of bricks and they set fire to some cardboard, crisp packets, and other matches, watching with interest at the different ways they burned.

Squidge potted up his bean seedlings.

Sprout did a cereal-related word search.

Moppet got extremely excited about this statue of Colin Minton Campbell, and spent ten minutes or so sitting watching it after we did the shopping.

Squidge cooked some lovely things from a Hello Fresh box, including this selection of goodies...

...which he turned into a (blow your head off spicy) chicken laksa...

...and these...

...which became pan fried pork with potatoes in lemon and creme fraiche. Sans broccoli, because the broccoli got knocked on the floor, but it was the one ingredient in the box that was past its best anyway so never mind.

In between times the boys have watched almost an entire series, several times, of Breaking Magic, along with repeated viewings of Sharkboy and Lavagirl which they are LOVING and have been inspired by to think about what superheroes they might dream up. They've watched Frozen a good few times more too, and Sprout has pondered why in Disney films "the men look normal and the women have giant eyes". Indeed. His favourite bit of the film is where the sisters save each other, and Squidge's favourite bit is where Olaf gets his own flurry. 

Moppet has been spending a lot of time grinning this grin...

...while Squidge has been pointing out the gills on George the fish and telling me the similarities and differences between George and Sharkboy. 

Sprout asked me for a crossword so I found this Minecraft one for him online. Some of the answers weren't very clear cut though, especially as it's not a new crossword so some things are different now, so he's started making his own which he wants to share with people on here once it's done :)

Sprout and I looked at his snake book, and he reminded me of some things about the python we saw at Chester Zoo last year. We looked up anacondas too and saw some incredible photos of snakes that had swallowed large animals.

Sprout and I have been playing online games of battleships with each other back and forth all week. He likes me to share my strategy with him before he takes any shots ;)

He's also been looking up some crafts in his Minecraft annual as he wants to do some this week.

He's been working his way through Psychonauts again this week, he's very focused on completing it. As well as playing on his usual servers, and skyping with his friends (some new ones too!), we downloaded the Deadly Orbit map, along with a new version of Not Enough Items for the newer version of Minecraft.

We had a long awaited day at Enginuity for the forces workshop and rocket building. It was really good, the presenters were enthusiastic and the kids loved it. 

Moppet built a tower afterwards...

...and they all played with the water town.

Sprout wrote his secret message to go inside his rocket, and he decided to base it on the code from Lost.

The boys with their finished rockets!

Sprout preparing for launch...

...and Squidge too. He thought it hilarious that the first time only his nose cone launched, and loved that when the rocket launched properly it span because of how he'd arranged the fins!

Back at home Sprout really sweetly played Peppa Pig with Moppet for a while...

...and then went and built his newest Lego set, the police truck.

Moppet and Squidge and Gruff and I all played a Peppa animal noises game that a friend had kindly given Moppet for her birthday...

...then Squidge designed a board game out of play dough.

We spent an afternoon at The Brampton for another little one's birthday, and before anything else these three had a bounce on the bouncy castle :)

We spent a while in the sandpit...

...Moppet did some very concerted digging...

...Sprout told me all about the 'crab fossils' he'd found, and what they told him about the life of a prehistoric crab, from where they fed to where they gathered together.

We walked round the aviary...

...then we went and added some sights to the new Sighter treasure hunt app :)

Moppet touched and told me about lots of plants...

...and they discovered this sound sculpture that hadn't been there the last time we visited.

Then a play on the park before getting an ice cream :)

There was much raucous singing along to the Popcorn song from the Barenaked Ladies Snacktime CD on the way home.

Back at home, Moppet did some 'driving' with Gruff on the drive for a while :)

Sprout was making patterns in pieces of bread and asking me what they looked like, which led to flags (as you do)...

It was positively sunny and Spring-like at the end of the week, and most of the day was spent on the trampoline together, bouncing high and doing tricks when it was just Sprout and Squidge, and being gentler and helping her bounce when Moppet was there too :)

They even had a picnic on there!


Sprout and Squidge collaborated on the building of an amphibious rover kit they've been saving plastic bottles for. Sprout assembled and oiled gears, fitted the motor, connected the wires to the terminals, secured the housing, everything!


They went for a walk to the shop with Gruff in the evening, and on their return Sprout told me he had a surprise for me and whipped these flowers out from behind his back. So sweet!

They all sat on the step together later on and shared their sweets with each other. I do love them!

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