Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Scribblenauts, Zombie Sports and Canine Consorts

This week has seen Squidge move from cutting *lots* of shapes out of paper and card, to biting all his food into shapes. I bring you the bread-based Crown :)

He's also... drumrolllllllll... SNUGGLED WITH THE DOG. I kid you not. I have photographic evidence right here!!! The little boy who less than a year ago was so terrified of dogs that he wouldn't go in the same park as one, is now snuggling with a dog for crying out loud. Snuggling!!! (Plus the person in the snuggle with them, taking the photo, is indeed me, the mummy who was so scared of dogs that she couldn't even help her terrified son.) So thank you Fly!!!

He's also been flexing his burgeoning gaming muscles, tackling Skylanders Giants, Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario 3D Land, and getting much more confident on Minecraft, building things on his server, trying out the Mario mod, and testing out Tekkit for the first time.

He's also been a brick building maniac, constructing Lego space rockets/people/aliens, wooden block castles, and this ingenious two-headed mega blok camel.

He's also loving this little Mr Men trivia card game we picked up while we were shopping, it's got different levels of questions from very young child to adult and he loved that there were questions he knew the answer to already as well as things he was interested to find out.
Also while we were shopping there were a few things he wanted which we didn't have quite enough money for; I looked at what was in the shopping with him, and he chose to swap his cereal for a cheaper one so that he could buy both the other things he wanted. Awesome!
In other news, his dancing this week has mostly been to Jessie J and PSY :)

Moppet has, by turns, been morphing into Tintin (lol)...

...crawling for the very first time...

...and cruising round at such speed I'm struggling to keep up!

Sprout has been enjoying creating art on the Kaleido Free app (which I also love, it's kind of mesmerising!), and making music on the beautiful Falling Stars app. He's also been thrashing me at Doodlejump and discovering Tekkit with Squidge. His big thing this week that he'd been counting down to for months was the (eventual) release of Scribblenauts Unlimited, so he's done lots of the missions that he'd already seen on YouTube videos, typed in lots of gobbledygook to see what the dictionary suggests, made *lots* of the characters into zombies, and we both discovered what a Moa was, and in turn the evolution of the lancewood tree. Conversations moved to whether squirrels can pollinate flowers, what sort of meat comes from different animals and fills him up the best, and whether pterosaurs lived at the same time as people. He's also been even more tuneful than usual this week, an has been singing while gaming, and making up lullabies for Moppet :)

As well as another high energy, fun-filled day at Come into Play, we took a trip to see the long-awaited Wreck It Ralph (and bought up the entire refreshments shop it seemed, long story!), which they loved (both the story and the appearances by characters they know from the games they play, especially Bowser and the Pacman ghost). I loved the Sergeant Calhoun character, even more so once I realised who it was!

We participated in our usual apres-film sport of zombie-killing, with Sprout coming out on top!

After having friends over for a Lego day today, we made our bodyweight (well, almost) in koolaid-coloured, glittery playdough (using the cooked playdough recipe here as the basis for it), played with some instant snow, and watched some more Indiana Jones.
Three out of our five birthdays coming up in the next week or so, so party preparation starts tomorrow!

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