Friday, 22 February 2013


There are windows that look out into the world.

Some are big windows, through which you can easily see huge chunks of the world. Some small, giving mere glimpses. Some appear for only a short time, and you've got to be quick to peek through at what you can see. Some you need to stand on tip toes to see over the windowsill, some you even need to climb a ladder to have a chance at looking through. Some are way low down and you can see all sorts of things by laying down and just quietly watching. Some have distorted glass, and you can't be sure whether what you're seeing is real, so you're best off checking another window nearby as well.

Some people have favourite windows, often the ones that they've been looking through since they were kids; they feel comfortable looking through them, and are so attached to the happiness they've felt and the things about the world that they've learnt while looking through them that they often feel that these must surely be the best windows for everyone to use.

There are some newer windows, many of them just at child-height; the glass is mostly crystal clear, and the views of the world are panoramic and stunning. People enjoy looking through them so much at all the amazing things they can see, that they're often the really sought after windows to look through at the world; Other times people just prefer what they can see elsewhere.

I love these new windows! I can see so much that's fun and fascinating, and there are just so many of them that pretty much whatever I want to look at right that second there's a perfect one to look through. I kinda like some of the other windows too, but I can't even think about that right now. Since I discovered the new windows my mum and dad have gone all weird. They want me to only look through the windows that have always been *their* favourites. They say pretty much all the other windows are better for me to look through than these new ones that I can see so much through. They say if they let me I'll just spend all my time looking through them. So what? Just cos they're not the same as the stupid windows they like. They've started covering up the windows I like, and making me look through the ones *they* like. There's sometimes some good stuff through there too I suppose, but all I can really think about while I'm looking is how to get back to my windows with the stuff I enjoy on the other side. I asked them why I can't look through them whenever I want, and they said that looking at the world through these new windows is *so* amazing and *so* enjoyable that it releases like pleasure neuro stuff in people's brains so they want to go back and look again. Well, duh! They've said I can look through the new windows for an hour in total every night, unless I do something they don't like, then I'm not allowed to look at all. It makes me really angry, how can I decide which one to look through for only an hour? There's so much interesting stuff to look at through all of them! I hate their stupid windows.

Once I'm looking through one of the new windows though... well I just want to inhale the whole thing... I feel like I want to grab it all with my arms and pull it into my stomach. There's so much to see! So much amazing stuff to learn about! That hour goes so so fast, it makes me so angry when my mum says my time's up and tapes that black card over it again. I feel like I've lost something. No, not lost. Taken. There's so much more I want to see through that window! If only she could see. If only she'd look through all of the new windows with me, or even just one of them... then she'd see. She'd have to. All the amazing things I can see... I just wish she could see them too.

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