Monday, 15 September 2014

Oni Kills and Forest Skills

Sprout wanted to find out more about Japanese Oni myths and their origins, so I helped him do some research online.

We went to a new forest school session that all three of them had been excited about.

Then we visited their grandparents, Moppet served 'tea'...

...while the boys played lots of piggy in the middle...

...then we all went blackberrying. 

Home ed park day the next day :)

Sprout made a likeness of me on Toca Mini...

...and we had a nice play and chat at a friends' house after :)

The boys had a chill out and a chat together on the trampoline the next morning.

A new home ed group that afternoon, with swinging and chatting and trampolining :) Squidge was reluctant to go in as he didn't know anyone or the place, but luckily the lovely people there welcomed Sprout in while I made sure they were both ok.

Sprout spotted some magpies on the way home and wanted a pic.

We had a quiet morning in as we were all pretty tired after a busy few days. Sprout asked me where the Philippines were as that's where Strihiryu, his current favourite YouTuber, is from. I wasn't 100% sure so we went and found it on the map. He then looked at all the sweet wrappers from when we were trying ones from different countries, and reminisced about the Polish chocolate bars and asked if we could go get some soon. Moppet watched some more Diego where he needed to rescue a turtle. Sprout and Squidge played some My Singing Monsters and some My Muppets. Sprout was pleased to see that Walter (from The Muppets film) was included in the game. Also at one point he said to me, "60 and 60 is 120 right?" I love the little glimpses into him learning things that it's commonly believed can only be taught :)
We had an afternoon chilling out and thinking of things we each or all might like to do over the next couple of months.

We celebrated National Cheeseburger Day :)

Then the celebrations snowballed slightly as friends jumped on board and suggested party games, so Squidge and his friend made a pass the parcel...

...then they played musical cushions and musical statues, then I brought out the flour game :)

Then Squidge's friend suggested apple bobbing so we did that too...

...then the boys progressed to tipping basins of water over themselves, while Moppet bathed her baby dolls in water mixed with various leaves she harvested from the border :) We rounded off the evening with ice cream...

...and headed inside to finish off Cheeseburger Day with some more so Gruff wasn't left out. Sprout was curious about what sesame seeds grew into so we looked it up.

Moppet got herself a pile of books and 'read' them out loud to herself :)

Sprout and Squidge played some Attack of the B Team together.

I watched Strihiryu's Kagame Oni videos with Sprout as he wanted to show me a number puzzle that involved turning some digits upside down and get me to work it out and tell him how I did it.

Later Squidge and Moppet played outside for a while, Moppet playing with her locks board and Squidge getting me to time how long it took him to get down the drive on his scooter and bike and tri-scooter, with a record of 2 and a half seconds on the razor scooter :)

Sprout loves dancing around and is currently fascinated by numbers, so this started as, "I'm daaaaaancin'!" and continued into, "Look, this is a 180 [turn], which is half a 360, which is this." :)

Squidge rounded the week off with a jaunty number on the guitar to whichMoppet  danced and sang merrily :)

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