Friday, 7 June 2013

Angry Birds Party

Today was Squidge's 5th birthday party, and he'd asked for an Angry Birds theme.

First up, party bags. I bought some coloured paper bags off eBay, added beaks/crowns/snouts with craft foam (details/outlines added with permanent black marker), cut out eyes from white paper, and hair from card.

Next, games. I used 20 or so blocks from an outdoor Jenga-type game, added the catapult from our water balloons set, and a few angry birds and pigs. And voilĂ , real life Angry Birds!

We had masks too, so there were some child-sized Angry Birds catapulting into the towers too.

Now the cake. I made a double batch of this vegan chocolate cake, split between three flat rectangular cake tins, then sandwiched together with buttercream and covered with green sugarpaste icing. We made the piggies' fortresses with vegan chocolate, and ordered some birds and piggies from these lovely people here. (Sorry about the randomly dodgy photo editing, we realised there was some biologically educational graffiti on the park table where the cake was!)

We used the catapult from the boys' actual Angry Birds game, so once the candles were all blown out the cake was fully playable!

The part that Squidge had been looking forward to for weeks and weeks was his remote control Angry Birds air swimmer. We tied a roll of fishing line to the bottom in an attempt to use it outside at the park, but sadly it was just too windy, so we played with it once we got home instead. It's a lot of fun!

As well as all that I'd got Squidge an angry birds hat as a surprise as he loved it when he saw someone with one on a few months ago...

...and he lent it to Sprout too. 

All in all it was a lovely fun day in the sun with friends :)

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