Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lasagne Cook and Werewolf Book

The weather was lovely here this week so they all spent a lot of time outside playing with their friends, trampolining, water fights, and football.

Gruff had a big dance session in the kitchen with Squidge and Moppet :)

Sprout saw an advert for a dolmio lasagne kit on TV and was keen to have a go at making that himself. 

Squidge found our skeleton poster and wanted me to tell him what each bone is called, then Moppet wanted me to do the same.

More trampolining, and some play on the swing for Moppet's imaginary friend, Rosie.

Squidge had a friend round and played CoD.

Sprout played some Roblox, including a Tron level which he really enjoyed, and watched some Venos gaming videos.

Moppet played shops, pretended it was her birthday and blew out candles, and threaded some little beads to make a necklace.

We went to the library to take a big pile of books back, but Squidge checked out an even bigger pile of books, mostly in what he termed 'horror' (werewolves, myths and legends, and vegetarian vampires).

We visited their grandparents, played football...

...potted up more plants to sell at Sprout's charity event (while enthusiastically inspecting worms)...

...and played post offices.

Sprout read the special VE Day commemorative issue of the Sentinel.

Squidge played a lot of Tinybop's new robot factory app (actually Sprout did too) and played out with his friend lots. Sprout played a lot of roblox, planned a YouTube channel, came up with some money-earning ideas, and Skyped with one of his friends. Moppet meanwhile used the potty more and more, watched bubble guppies, and rode Gruff like a horse :)

They all had a weekend at home with daddy while I worked, which they mostly spent playing out in the street, trampolining, and cleaning out their animals.

Sprout hosted a game of real life minecraft, which Squidge joined in with, in which they could craft anything they wanted together to help them progress in their adventure. Here's Sprout with his Wand of Life, which he crafted with a cricket stump and some leaves :)

Later he watched the introductory video from his camp counsellor on his online camp that he's signed up for. He's very excited!

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