Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nerf Top Trumps and Driving Eggs over Bumps

It's been a week and a half of illness and woe, so not only did we not do much for ten days, I didn't take pictures or make note of most of what we did do. Ah well! We refilled the vinegar on our egg, and they noticed how thin the shell was getting and that they could see inside the egg already.

Sprout watched some Mirror's Edge gameplay, and wondered whether The Shard was the same as the real one in London, so we looked it up.

The boys played with an omnitrix together and designed some aliens and designed a couple of speed-based alien building games.

Sprout drew some pictures on Moppet's Magic slate.

Moppet played with dough, and watched lots of dough videos when she wasn't watching Bubble Guppies.

Sprout designed a few things using his Lego Technic motor.

Moppet wanted lots of stories reading to her, so we did.

We had a delivery wrapped in bubble wrap, so we all know where that leads :)

Sprout played some portal two with a friend online.

Squidge built some cardboard robots.

Moppet played with the car mirrors...

...and played some music.

We played lots of Hot Wheels and Nerf Top Trumps. We also downloaded a top trump maker app which was fun!

Squidge played lots of Ben10 Hero Factory.

Sprout skyped and gamed some more.

Sprout wanted to know about poisonous spiders.

Squidge, Moppet and Squidge's friend wanted to go to the park.

Sprout had the idea for a 'Hot dog feast' so we bought the stuff and did that.

We made paracord survival bracelets at home ed group, Sprout went with his grandpa to Think Tank for the day, and when we got home he and Squidge used a broken water game to design a new marble game.

We went to a home ed meet at Gentleshaw, and saw their late favourite monkey's surviving companions.

Also marmoset babies!!!

They all stroked an owl and Sprout and Moppet held it.

Sprout also flew a kestrel!

We went to the park for Nerf day.

We went along to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, where Sprout's favourite thing was the Vex robots.

They also built a car to safely transport an egg, for which Sprout based the design on a monster truck and achieved a run time of 30.7 seconds.

They crashed a train safely too, after choosing suitable impact-absorbing material :)

We didn't get round everything they wanted to do, so we decided to go back just me and the boys the next day while Moppet had a day with Gruff.
They programmed a Mindstorms Dalek to reach a target...

...controlled a game with their minds...

...did a virtual cycle race...

...watched some ants with their symbiotic fungi, played Scalectrix...

...did LOTS more Vex robotics...

...made another egg vehicle and beat their own time with a run of 30 seconds...

...designed optimum and non-optimum aerodynamic vehicles to test in a wind tunnel...

...tried out a big camera obscura.

...signed the nose cone of the tranquility rocket due for launch later in the year...

...went inside a giant nose...

...and, Squidge's favourite, went on the bus :)

Back at home Squidge built a little electromagnet with Gruff, and Sprout and Gruff continued building the 3D printer.

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