Saturday, 21 March 2015

Kinetic Sand and a Bird in the Hand

Moppet is still very into all her "That's not my..." books, so we've read those quite a lot this week, along with all the library books we have out together with the boys (Stone age boy, The world came to my place today, Ten little babies, That's not my duck, The foolish tortoise, Woodlice, Amazing giant wild animals, Revolting recipes, The big book of science things to make and do, and, their all time favourite, Send for a superhero!) She's very interested in hippos at the moment too and has been telling me about them.

We played quite a bit of Don't Wake The Hulk!

Sprout started designing and building a mech from K'nex.

We went to the park for the afternoon and played with a Wubble which was very weird and fun :) They played with their rc cars too.

They collaborated on building the hexbug black hole and Sprout showed me the structural and functional differences between these and normal hexbugs.

We went to a Tesco Farm to Fork activity, which wasn't as good as the one at Florette but the kids had fun.

Sprout held a sprat and a langoustine, and we went back after and he chose some cod, hake, and tiger prawns to do a taste test with.

Moppet asked for a haircut so we went to the hairdressers, she was very excited.

They all played out with their friends most nights.

Sprout and Gruff went to the fair one night. 

We all watched the solar eclipse, with Sprout being the most excited...

...and drawing a diagram for the others to explain what was happening (this progressed later on to include orbits).

We went and looked at a hall to see if it was suitable for a charity event that Sprout wants to organise.

And had a little play on the playground while we were there :)

We visited their grandma and grandpa and played with some kinetic sand, ...

...sang some songs...

...fixed a cassette...

...played hide and seek (spot the feet! Squidge was victorious as no one could find him :) )...

...and played various games.

Sprout decided he'd like to make a five nights at Freddy's marionette costume and puppet, so we looked up and priced what we'll need.

He and Gruff went on a falconry event at Battlefield falconry centre.

And we all went to the NGS family fun day, which was good but extremely busy. This was the augmented reality geological sand table (and the primary reason Sprout wanted to go again this year!)...

...this was the earthquake Moppet made...

...and Squidge's...

...and Moppet's favourite bit, a map and some rocks you could hold.

We looked at some fossils and Sprout discussed the differences between plants and animals with the woman on the stand.

The boys invented a seige game...

...and Moppet dressed up as a princess and built her 'sugar castle'. They spent the rest of the day having Nerf battles with their friends, washing the cars (they never seem to tire of it!), and playing Peppa pig post offices. Sprout also downloaded and installed some more minecraft mods and tested them out, while watching some Dan TDM videos.

Sprout and I played some more Heads Up!, and Squidge had a look at it after.

After they all played out again for a while, Squidge and I went out for a bit of time together, and he noticed the crescent moon and the bright star above it so we looked up what it was and found out it was Venus.

He carried on looking at the night sky app, and especially at all the satellites, and had a look at what some of them were.

Then he wanted to know what the pictures of animals were so I told him about constellations.

In the evening we cooked the food for Sprout's taste test that he'd planned when he chose things at the fish counter the other day, and he'd asked me to add some more food and drink he hadn't had before. The foods were hake baked with a squeeze of lemon, cod baked with butter and parsley, king prawns stir fried in chilli, garlic and ginger...

...followed by kiwi fruit and pomegranate...

...and blueberry juice and grapefruit juice to drink :) His favourite thing was the blueberry juice, and he did not like the prawns.

Squidge played with thre X-Ray app, then they watched the pokemon film before bed.

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