Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Arcade Hero and Dividing by Zero

Sleepy girlie!!

Sprout started the week downloading and playing Ib and explaining it to me.

Squidge took a few electronic things apart and investigated how they worked.

A friend showed us how to make diy hexbugs from toothbrushes which was loads of fun and the kids loved the results.

Sprout planned a zombie show and took part in a joke show.

We headed to their grandparents' house where they played table tennis, Moppet drew some pictures...

...they all played Snap with their grandma...

...and Moppet played with the Spirograph with her grandpa.

Back at home Squidge suggested a game of pin the tail on the Squidge.

And Sprout and Moppet played dress up.

A friend came round to play minecraft for the afternoon.

Then in the evening while Moooet watched Umizoomi with Gruff, the boys looked out their 3DSs, and Sprot wanted to know what vitamins, minerals and food types were important for healing, the immune system, the brain, muscles and bones, so we chatted about that for a while.

We had a trip to the Potteries Museum with friends, and we listened to the Big Questions audio book again on the way. That led to Sprout talking about world population and the earth's resources, and what the relative strength of some apex predators from different habitats might be. 
Squidge had a bit of a tough day for reasons we couldn't quite get to the bottom of, but he did tell me later that he was happy by the time we got to thre library later, so that's something.
This is Moppet telling me, "No! I not wittle wadybard I DOCTOR wadybard!" (I'm not little ladybird I'm doctor ladybird :) )

As well as dressing up as woodland creatures and playing inside the tree trunk, they played the giant boardgame...

...dressed up like frogs and had a tea party...

...and made very serious faces while balancing teapots on their heads :)

Moppet watched the diggers outside...

...then we popped into the library and Sprout read a book about a very ordinary superhero :)

Later he watched a video about starling murmurations.

Next day was the much-awaited nerf say again! On the way in the car Sprout talked about why dogs have tails, and why bright colours are noticeable for humans. Once there he costumed up (he was a spy) and waited for friends to come.

Moppet joined in a little bit too this time, but had enough quite quickly as it was cold. 

She cheered up playing with Sprout's vampire teeth for a few minutes :)

The boys had had a few days or getting annoyed with each other much more than normal, and when I stepped back and examined the situation I realised that because I'd had more work on than normal I'd missed giving them as much proper, engaged attention as they need, so I took Moppet and Squidge out for an ice cream and we chatted about Shaun the Sheep, and eggs, as you do...

...then took Sprout out dora subway and chatted about the things he'd like to do over the next few weeks.

The next day was much more amicable again, and started with a heartfelt rendition of Let it Go by Squidge and Moppet...

...Squidge made a strawberry lace dispenser out of a tape measure he'd taken apart...

...I read them this book, which is their favourite library book and they get it out repeatedly, and then Sprout read itagain to  everyone as he saidhe had different voices in mind than the ones I did.

Sprout offered to put the shopping away, and once he'd done that he watched some Skylanders Boy and Girl videos...

...Moppet washed up and then bathed her baby...

...and Squidge played with Lego and watched Antz and wanted to know why it was spelt with a z.

They all watched Despicable Me2, then we played a play doh guessing game we'd got the idea for from Skylander Boy and Girl. Sprout built little secret booths so noone could see what the others were doing, then each person chooses a category (our options were Skylanders, minecraft, peppa pig, animals or food), makes a model out of dough, and then the other players have to ask yes or no questions to guess what/who it is, then when it's been guessed they show the model.

Moppet built and ice cream...

...Sprout made I Scream from Skylanders...

...and Squidge made Blackout from Skylanders (which he managed against the odds as we didn't have any black dough!!)

Sprout danced for a while to Skylanders themes.

Squidge found some rubber bands and wanted to know how to start a rubber band ball, so we had a look on YouTube and started one off.

Sprout set up a game of hearthstone for him and me while Squidge and Moppet played with Lego.

Then we played hearthstone while Squidge watched Lego Batman and Moppet watched My Little Pony YouTube videos.

Sprout asked me what you get if you divided something by zero, some played with that idea a bit and googled for any definitive info.
In the car later he listened some more to the Big Questions from Little People cd, and was excited to hear the name Michaelangelo in a part about artists, as he knows it from TMNT. I told him who the others were named after too, and then he was excited as he's watched things about da Vinci before.

Moppet had a nap in what she calls her tent (aka my jumper)

We worked like crazy on Saturday (Gruff and I) to get done all the stuff we needed to do so that we could all just spend time together on Sunday. Sunday morning I took Squidge and Moppet to see Book of Life at the cinema, which they really loved.

Gruff took Sprout to the arcade where he had the luckiest day ever, winning a thousand tickets and a minion that he's coveted from afar in the grabber machine for months :)

When we all got home he did a coke and mentoes volcano. He also looked at the photos that Link to Hope just sent us of people who received shoeboxes this time round. After some thought he said that it made him happy and sad, sad that there were kids in the world that had so little, but happy that he could help them a little bit.

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