Sunday, 7 December 2014

Algebra on the Fridge and a Mohawk for Squidge

Gruff took Squidge and Moppet to see Dick Whittington at The Regent, while Sprout and I spent some time together.

Later on the three of them decorated the tree.

Sprout asked about colours that you can't mix other colours to get, and we looked at what are traditionally taught as primary colours and whether it's right.

He also made some snow cones in the blender.

He told me about how he'd decorated his tree and what it symbolised (a spell, a crystal, and a shrine to Christmas).

Advent calendars appeared with the Christmas fairy and some were made short work of :)

The kids drew pictures of all of us to go up in the new kitchen.

Sprout discovered algebra when he was playing with the fridge magnets, and I showed him some of the cool stuff you can do with it.

We played some TF2 together.

They decorated their gingerbread house and tree.

They had a Nerf target shooting competition...

...and Sprout noted down and added up the scores as they went.

We had friends round for a play, and then finished getting our rucksacks packed to donate to The Rucksack Project.
We went to see Santa.

And his reindeer!

They all put their boots out for St Nicholas Eve...

...and found the goodies in them the next morning. :)

Gruff took Squidge and Moppet to the park while Sprout watched some Nerd Cubed videos and we chatted about the safety of various internet platforms when it came up.

We rounded the week off with some Christmas films while Sprout built this house...

...and Squidge requested a return to his Mohawk, but pink this time instead of blue!

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