Monday, 3 November 2014

Skylander Names Write and Fireworks Night

We got the dough out on Monday, and Squidge and Moppet had a play with it...

...while Sprout played on Hay Day and Zombie Cafe.

They all made a monster beanbag toss game...

...Moppet's monster...

...Squidge's monster...

...and Sprout's bananas, poo, leprechaun butt and number 172 O.O

Once they'd all thrown their balls on target and claimed their prizes, Moppet turned the box back into a house for her and her babies.

Sprout and I watched some Mythbusters about giant hailstones, speed, materials, buoyancy, displacement, forces, and action films, then some Nature's Weirdest Events.

He then played with the beanbag toss some more with some distance throws :)

Moppet did some bead threading...

...while Squidge played with the Silly Story Laboratory.

Later on we made bird feeders out of juice cartons and egg boxes.

While Sprout watched some Nerd Cubed videos, Squidge and Moppet watched a Steve Irwin DVD, with tiger sharks, hippos, cobras and crocodiles.

Sprout made some tentacles out of play dough, and then told me about the alien head in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, then about a YouTube list of top 5 scariest aliens on which the one from Alien appeared at the top.

He made a wooden tile mandala...

...while Moppet made a river from some magnetic putty and Squidge played with his bit of putty and kept hiding the neodymium magnet in it for me to find.

Sprout saw a video about the Autorap app and wanted to try it out, so he and Squidge did a couple of tracks each.

Moppet and I did an alphabet snake jigsaw (she was excited that she knew the letter S!) and then sang the alphabet song which she loves. Then we did the crocodile number jigsaw too. She's loved singing the alphabet song, row your boat, and heads shoulders knees and toes a lot this week :)

Squidge found a book about Mummies that he wanted me to read to him so we did that...

...then he drew a picture of all of us :)

Sprout wanted to use the developer console on Garry's Mod so we looked up how to use it.

Squidge is enjoying saying a couple of French words that he picked up a while ago (bonjour and ca va), so I dug out this Dr Seuss French dictionary and he had fun pointing at things and getting me to tell him what the French word for them is :)

They all played with magnets for a while, Moppet making Dora stories (with a lot of
"Swiper, no swiping!!")...

...and Sprout building various structures from Geomag and showing me their properties.

Squidge kept making lines of the Silly Story Laboratory words and getting me to read them out.

They all played with Woolly Willy, Sprout making this guy and asking me if I recognised him (yes, it's Hitler, immortalised in iron filings).

Moppet decorated my arm in oil pastels, turning it into a purple tiger.

Squidge wanted to write a colour coded list of all the new characters, magical items and traps for Skylanders Trap Team, so we found a list online and worked out the elements, assigned a colour to each, and wrote a list, me doing most of them but him doing some too when he wanted like this one, Chopper...

...and Echo too :)

Afterwards he played some SoundBrush and experimented with what tunes pictures of faces and squiggles made.

Then he pulled some 'headless zombie' faces before going out on his bike with his friend, and then watching some videos together.

Meanwhile Moppet watched some Doc McStuffins and Sprout reprised his game of Dungeon Keeper, and was very pleased with his level of money:

Sprout and I watched this brilliant King of Random video of extreme chemical reactions, and particular kudos from Sprout for the inclusion of the pie-rotechnics pun :)

We also looked at this really cool infographic comparing Minecraft diamonds to real ones. Sprout thought they should have included strength too, which lead to chatting about obsidian...

...and whether it is considered a gem.

We watched a clip from Brian Cox's BBC show where he drops a bowling ball and some feathers in a vacuum, and Sprout pondered the difference between this and dropping them normally.

The next day we went to the Into Film showing of Maleficent, which is Sprout's favourite film at the moment. He loves one of the scenes near the end the most, so was telling me about it afterwards.
We had friends over the following day and had a lovely relaxed time together, then Gruff took Moppet and Squidge out to the Guy Fawkes firework display at Trentham Gardens, we'd all planned to go but Sprout came down with a cold and didn't feel up to it so he had an evening in playing Feed Me More and other games on Kizi, and investigating cheats for Dungeon Keeper.

Squidge made this little guy on Toca Mini.

We had an evening at a family party, and Squidge and Moppet spent most of the night dancing with Gruff.

Sprout was still slightly under the weather so we stayed at our table and did magic tricks for each other with peanuts and a shark tooth fossil. As you do.

At some point he must have taken this selfie too that I found this morning :)

Moppet had a relaxing Sunday morning watching Dora with her dolls.

Sprout and I had some one on one time doing his Christmas shopping, followed by a promised trip to Subway, where he demolished this footlong flatbread with bacon, turkey and cheese, which got a thumbs up and a funny face :) We read the new Wired magazine about a 1000mph car, a Paris coding school, home-based vineyards, Lego AT-ATs. We also chatted about Easter Eggs in games (specifically the Pewdie Pie), micro transactions, on which we differ (I'm pro, he's anti), and various other gaming and youtube things. He also told me about the Mythbusters episode where they compared the hygiene effects of various hand-drying methods.

When we got home he played some Starbound, while Moppet and Squidge offered to empty the dishwasher before Gruff took them out for the evening for some time together before the fortnight of concentrated kitchen renovation!.

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