Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lantern Making and Marshmallow Campfire-Baking

Well we've done lots this week that I've either forgotten to take a photo of or forgotten altogether (due to not taking a photo haha), so I'm going to cobble together a bit of what I can remember!
We pretty much finished the kitchen renovation, which the kids were very happy about, and they now have a breakfast bar which they sit at together chatting and snacking :)

We had our last forest school session where they collected firewood, made pizzas, and whittled sticks to cook marshmallows on. 

A trip to Come Into Play afterwards for a friend's birthday.

Sprout wanted to know what a South Park reference to Nagasaki was about, so we looked it up.

Home ed meet at the park...

Sprout made a plaster volcano and set it off...

And we did a lantern making workshop for the upcoming parade...

...and took a detour on the way back soMoppet  could see the diggers on a building site.

Lots of play together for the boys (they're getting on more and more at the moment, and becoming more proficient at dealing with annoyances).

There's been lots of make believe this week, and songs with our own lyrics and silly dances, and lots of Sprout freezing water in various moulds and melting it again, and various videogames and board games, and the odd bit of arts and crafts, and conversations about game design and story progression and construction techniques and Ebola and AIDS and whether guinea pigs have tails, and gravity and deep space and mass and momentum, and jokes about eggs, and a couple of showings of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, along with a bit of cooking and a noticeable amount of both boys writing (Squidge his name and Sprout things he wants to tell me about games). 

I was smiling the other day about how proficient a reader Sprout is now. I think it's been just over a year (here ) since reading suddenly clicked for him, and he reads fluently now, and some of the long and complicated words he reads without ever having been taught them or 'sounding them out' made me smile with the ease of it :) We were playing the Diversity Map on Minecraft, and he was reading the instructions out to me so I knew what to do. He even added a yadda yadda as he skim read what he realised wasn't entirely necessary :)

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