Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Daddy and the Dolly

I just wanted to record for posterity a really sweet thing that Gruff did for Moppet today. Moppet was due to pop out in the van with him to go to B&Q and buy a pack of screws. She was excited that her doll would get to ride in the van and in the trolley! At the last minute she decided she wanted to stay home with me, but she was still excited for her doll to ride in the van and the trolley. Gruff took the doll with him, and brought these photos back for her <3 (I love that he only needed a little packet of screws, so not only did he take a trolley into the store for a tiny little item, he pushed the doll round in it on his own with no kids, just to do something sweet for Moppet. Love him!) 

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