Monday, 6 October 2014

Leaf Critters and Maple Fritters

Leaf crafts started off the week, seeing as we had a big bag of them from Shugborough! Leaf critters to start...

...then glittery leaves...

...then leaf hedgehogs.

Moppet found a couple of tea light holders and wanted to paint them...

...then we did some colour mixing...

...and Moppet made a blob monster while Squidge made some handprint spiders.

Squidge was really pleased at how his turned out, the colour transfer was really vibrant!

I found a big sprig of autumn coloured leaves while I was looking for our tissue paper, and I had some sticky back plastic as well, so they made a big autumn leaf window sticker too :)

We used Squidge's tissue paper colour transfer picture along with one of the glitter leaves, a cupcake case and some googly eyes to make an owl birthday card for their grandma.

Squidge and Moppet played outside for a while...

...while Sprout told me about his new games: The Forest, and Prison Architect which he's been thinking about getting since the Eurogamer expo he went to with Gruff last year, and finally decided to get it today.

I played Prison Architect with him for a while...

...and Gruff chilled out after work with these two and a bit of Diego :)

The boys played some games together the next morning, including My Singing Monsters and Five Nights at Freddy's, with Sprout helping Squidge when he asked him. 

I read some stories to Moppet, her favourite at the moment being the mini Colours book with the Very Hungry Caterpillar in it. We watched some Caillou together too which is an ongoing favourite :)

Sprout and Squidge had a very loud, boisterous and laugh-filled time on CoD together...

...then as the rain outside started to get heavier and louder Squidge and Moppet decided the best course of action was to go and dance in it, catch some in their mouths, and jump in puddles :)

Skateboarding down the drive is always good in the rain too!

An increasingly independent Moppet made herself some cereal and sat outside to eat it...

...then wanted to see what would happen if she put some tissue paper out in the rain, so she did and watched it.

They were very excited to see a big rainbow...

...and Moppet sang a song for everyone :)

Sprout found a new YouTube channel that made him laugh and wanted to watch it with me for a bit, so we watched this video about the Just Us League :)

I hadn't intended to get another Hello Fresh box for a while (the price being the main reason!), but forgot to properly cancel Squidge's subscription, so an unintended box came this week happily coinciding with a resurgence in his interest in cooking. He spent a morning watching Jamie Oliver make some twists on traditional British dishes, and then in the afternoon made these shawarma chicken flatbreads. He's very independent with his cooking now and only wants help with very limited parts of it. 

The resulting dish was gorgeous and he shared them out between us all :)

The played out with their friends later and Moppet and her friend 'washed' my car with her multipurpose scarf thing (they must have a name but I have no clue!)

Squidge spent a while watching his goldfish (who has relocated to the lounge), asking me what various parts of him are/do, and whether goldfish can swim backwards and how they find their food.

Then he did some of the puzzles from his Power Rangers comic.

Appetite Stoke ran an outdoor showing of the Lego Movie at Yeaman Park, we got there a couple of hours early and played on the playground for a while first :)

It rained a bit early on but luckily we had an umbrella and blankets and waterproofs so it didn't dampen the fun. We all had crepes with maple syrup and the kids chose some sweets from the stall.

We headed to the kids' grandparents' house for Sunday lunch, and we took the monster feet to show them.

Sprout showed everyone his current favourite games, Find the Line and Clash of Clans...

...and Squidge and Moppet watched how to make a cupboard. 

Moppet snuggled up with some Dora...

...and made some Toca Minis...

...then we went home to carry on the kitchen renovations and leave our handprints with the date as our little secret mark on the house :)

Five handprints, we woz ere 2014 ;)

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