Sunday, 3 August 2014

Music and Art and the Lungs, Eyes and Heart

Squidge and his friend started the week putting shower caps on, covering them with shaving foam, and throwing wotsits at each other's heads. Fun!

We got the sharpies out again and the kids and their friends decorated some tshirts...
Squidge's was an alphabetical representation of some of his friends...

...and on the back a declaration of his new bike riding ability :)

Moppet wanted an elephant so I sketched an outline for her to colour in, then she just wanted to skip the artistry and just wear it :)

Sprout making a start...

I got the chalk pastels out too and they all decorated the drive :)

Sprout's Tshirt: Fortune cat, Pacman, and, inexplicably, a banana :)

Squidge enjoyed watching Sarah Stone's plastic cup cover of Royals. He tried his own and found it hilarious :)

Later he played with TitanCam...

...Endless Numbers, which he LOVED...

...The Universe app, which he was fascinated by...

...and then a bit of amusement and pratfalls on QWOP :)

Later Sprout was asking me what makes a flashbang flash, so I had to first look up what one was ;) He thought maybe that they trapped light inside somehow and then opened holes to let it out.

Conversation moved to chemical weapons, and then Vietnam.

He then wondered what the first ever robot was, which moved onto Leonardo da Vinci, then the Vitruvian Man, which he knew from Little Big Planet 2.

Then Mona Lisa, which he knew from Nerd Cubed videos. 

Then back to ancient robots.

Then on to cutting edge robots...

...and this video of Honda's ASIMO robot.

Squidge and I had a play with DRAWNIMAL, which Moppet then wanted in on, it's a fab app :)

Squidge and his friend wanted to do cola and mentoes explosions so I went and picked a few bottles up, they'd done them before I even made it outside haha :)

Sprout solved some levels on Fix the Factory.

Squidge has got more and more into riding his bike in the street, it's given him a real boost of confidence and independence :)

Moppet likes to take her toys outside and watch them all on their bikes :)

We found the Cadoo treasure hunt game when we were clearing Sprout's room out, and it got played for the first time (with their own rules :) ).

Sprout and Gruff had some time on the XBox together.

Sprout invented his own game with the Cadoo cards where he puts a number or letter card with a colour and I have to say something that rhymes with it, then he scores my answer out of five stars. 'Black One is a don' scored three stars. 'Green A is the awesome Herobrine way', scored five ;)

Sprout decided, I think, that being able to ride a bike looked like fun, and decided to have a go while we were at the park with a home ed meet up, and did it straight away! He had a few runs and then went back to other things.

Sprout was interested in this conifer, both the wintery colour and the little cones.

Once we'd dried out from the park back at home, the boys and their friends played video games for a while and Moppet caught up on some Zs.

Sprout played for a while on Roblox on the Club Nyonic map, and showed me lots of the features.

He told me what music he was listening to as well, including his current favourite track Demons by Imagine Dragons.

Sprout's also starting to gain confidence in, and desire to do, a couple of increasingly independent things I've noticed. In the past few days he's walked up to the corner shop without an adult for the first time, with Squidge and their friend, and today he walked part way back from the park on his own too. Later on when the ice cream van came, he went out with Squidge and their friends, and ordered and paid for them all. Exciting developments!

We met up with friends at the Potteries Museum for some of their summer activities. 

They played in the sand...

...watched a Punch and Judy show...

...and made creatures with clay, sea shells, sequins and googly eyes :)

This is Sprout's penguin and snail...

...Moppet's turtle...

...and Squidge's bad guy sea monster :)

They all did rubbings of Saxon patterns...

...and played some music...

...and dressed up as ladybirds...

...looked at the Spitfire and played around with the echoes in the big room...

...Sprout and Moppet did some archaeological artifact jigsaws...

...and made a dinosaur world.

Raaaaargh! :)

Sprout loved this derpy pot and laughingly imitated it :)

They all looked at the resident skeleton in a coffin, and then briefly played this giant board game.

Down in the cafe Moppet built a house out of chairs and pretended to have a nap.

Then on the way out they all played one of the Play Me I'm Yours pianos that are in and around Stoke at the moment.

We went to Central Forest Park after the museum, where it alternated between downpours and baking sun. They made some more echoes against the pit mounds, talked about homing pigeons, and we treated ourselves to hot dogs and ice lollies. Sprout showed me a feather he found and commented how plasticy it felt, and I showed him how the fibres zip and unzip.

We had a day at home where Squidge and his friends played with/bounced through/wrestled in shaving foam, played spinjitsu with an open two litre bottle of water, and everyone did some junk modelling. Sprout watched some Oni gameplay videos and told me about the Easter eggs in them.

They all had a look at their library books, this is Squidge's and he's been asking lots of questions now about the brain and lungs and things.

We visited their grandparents one morning and their grandpa had cut down lots of bamboo for them to play with. First Sprout pretended to be a panda, then they camolflaged our car with it, then they tried pole vaulting :)

Squidge and Moppet went down to the compost heap to see if there was anything living in it today.

Then they all played some games.

Afterwards we went to a friend's house for Sprout to play CoD with them, and I brought along a Swap Force sticker album so that Squidge had something to do. He got really good at matching numbers up!

We had friends round again the next morning and Squidge picked up how to make loom bands and was very pleased with his new skill :)

Sprout and I meanwhile worked out what we needed to install to play Guernetta - Oni Hunter. He's talking a lot at the moment about the various Oni stories, their different features and powers and weaknesses, it's really interesting!

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