Wednesday, 9 July 2014

iPad Apps and Lots of Naps

So to begin the week, pants! Squidge has been revisiting one of his Christmas apps, Talking Santa, and asking me to spell things to write on Santa's pants.

Moppet has been playing on Endless Alphabet again.

Squidge and Moppet have been making pizzas with Peppa on the Peppa Pig Holiday app...

...and Sprout and Squidge have been looking again at how to identify different whale species with the Whale Explorer app.

Sprout has been engrossed in the Save the Corals app...

...while Squidge is once again fascinated by the 3D molecule models on the Molecules app...

...along with evolution on the Evolutionary Biology app...

...and designing new papercraft models on Foldify.

Sprout has had a new bed, which they've all had lots of fun climbing on.

I found some photos hiding in my photo stream of Moppet dressing up last week, first as a football-playing fairy...

...then a racing driver...

...and then, once again, Doctor Hamster :)

We found a false widow spider, to much theatrics.

Squidge played some more with the Tinybop Human Body app, specifically the heart.

There's been quite a lot of time spent in the sandpit, mostly in the sun but also in the rain!

Sprout and Squidge planned and put on a show that included *drumroll* "The Riiiing of FLAAAAAAME!!" using Moppet's hula hoop. I have a fab gif of this but don't seem to be able to share it here. Sprout also did numerous other hula hoop tricks he'd invented :)

I'd ordered a big bag of modelling balloons to take to camp with us, but they were delivered too late, so this week Squidge got them out and we made a playhouse, plus flowers, butterflies and space slugs, then Squidge asked me to blow one up for him to do completely on his own and he started making letters and numbers out of it and asking me what they were.

Sprout has been getting to know his baby guinea pigs a bit better. He's named them Snowflake and Sandy, and we think they're a boy and a girl but are taking them to be sexed at the vet this week so we don't have any more surprise babies!

We've harvested raspberries pretty much every day, and made all sorts of pies and puddings plus frozen some too. We noticed this morning a few peas have survived to maturity too, so take that slugs!!

Squidge wondered one day what a baboon was, so we looked it up.

Sprout has done lots of gaming, choosing mods, Skyping, navigating friendships, playing Skyrim, Garry's mod,Terraria, Minecraft, Tekkit and Attack of the B Team, among other things. 

Moppet is enamoured with the baby guinea pigs and makes sure they're never short of food O.O

Gruff has been on early shifts so we've had a couple of chilled and snuggly afternoons.

Sprout wanted me to find a Minecraft map with acacia trees in it, and I managed to find this Savannah M biome map with some brilliant mountains in too.

Squidge has been checking his table of Skylanders Swap Force combinations, asking me to read out the names of the various combinations, and working out which ones he needs to get next to make the combinations he wants. He's also been trying out various XBox360 games, and watching How it's Made and Cirque du Soleil on TiVo and plenty of Skylander Boy and Girl on YouTube.

They've all been trampolining together, and Sprout was being really sweet to Moppet here and letting her snuggle up when she was worried by too much bouncing around her.

Sprout has been playing on a Pixelmon server so we were looking up various items and how to use them and their effects.

He followed this up by watching pokemon episodes on the app, and was joined by Squidge.

Moppet and I spent a couple of hours at a friend's house, and had our hand prints done with lino printing ink. It was really fun so we're thinking we might pick some up and see if the boys would like to do theirs too.

Sprout had a trying day on Wednesday, but was laughing long and infectiously at his new 123D app that I'd downloaded after he saw Pewdiepie play on it. He had the most fun transferring photo faces onto unexpected parts of sculptures., and making an elephants bum into a Pikachu! He loves puns at the moment so was appreciative of my observation that it was a crazy ass thing to make ;)

We spent some time together restarting Scribblenauts Unlimited too.

While Sprout watched a few episodes of How it's Made, Squidge and Moppet played in the garden, respectively perfecting their dribble and having a tea party.

Squidge also announced a building project in the sandpit.

We got some shade from the sun, and Squidge wanted me to help him find words on this Boggle-type game. He pointed to letters he wanted me to incorporate.

We also went to check on our toad friend, but he was out.

And Squidge and Moppet played football together.

As the week went on we picked even more raspberries, until we ran out of places to store them! While we picked them Squidge asked lots of questions, about how to tell whether they're ripe, and what wild creatures eat them, and where the seeds are, and why they're prickly.

And for the first time we managed to grow a few peas to maturity and Moppet and Squidge ate them straight out of the pods :)

So a week where we barely left the house  was much needed, and was restful at the same time as being full of interesting things :) Next week is the last week where places are pretty quiet before the summer holidays kick in, so we'll take advantage of that a couple of times I think!

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