Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sprout's Secret Key to the Universe

So unlike me, but first up this week we have... hair!! :) The kids' great grandma passed away when Sprout was very little, but she always delighted in his little blonde curls (curly hair was all from her side of the family!). I noticed this week that Moppet's lack of hair seems to have suddenly come out in a crop of curls too, and was thinking how much it would have made her great grandma smile :) 

Sprout has had a resurgence of Playstation 3 gaming, with some GTA5 and Lego Marvel Superheroes (Squidge accidentally deleted the completed save file so they're all trying to complete it again to get all the characters back).

He's found some new favourite YouTubers too.

Squidge has moved Babbit Rabbit outside for the summer again, so
now has some space in his room to build his castle.

Moppet, Squidge and their friend have been doing lots of painting and glittering.

This is the face that Squidge makes when he assures Gruff (who is trying to help them get all their characters back on their Lego game) that no, he absolutely didn't spend all the coins on a helicopter :)

Squidge and I had a bowling and burger afternoon out together...

...and he wanted me to show everyone a picture of his bowling shoes :)

He also raced...

...and had candy floss!

The kids' Happy Meal Secret Seven packs came in the post, which included, among other things, these cunning disguises! This is Sprout pulling his best 'old man face'...

...and Squidge insisting it goes this way up :)

We dropped Gruff and Sprout at the station for their long awaited trip to Liverpool, and then we went to have a drink and some cake...

...and we played some games while we were there.

2p pusher? Best value half hour's fun ever :)

Back at home Squidge went to play with his friend so Moppet played in the sink for an hour or so, and my floor got clean in the process ;)

Squidge's first wobbly tooth fell out, which (and this I was relieved about) he was incredibly excited about :)

Over in Liverpool at the Victoria Gallery and Museum (where, weirdly, I used to do some of my uni exams before it was a museum... *so old*), Sprout was watching ice cream get made with liquid nitrogen...

...which apparently was very tasty :)

He was EXTREMELY excited to wear a lab coat ("I'm an actual scientist!!") while he explored a bit...

...then took his seat for Stellar Stories with Lucy Hawking.

He got a prerelease copy of her new George book, which she signed for him, and she chatted with him about space travel. He hasn't stopped talking about this since!

While we waited to go and pick them up, Moppet tried on her disguise...

...and got a bit sleepy with her favourite doggy in the car.

On the way home from the station we noticed how big and yellow the full moon looked. Squidge wanted a better look with the telescope but back at home we couldn't see it anymore, so we dropped everyone else off and went for a drive for a better view. Just out of the city we found a better view, and he sat on top of the car for a while and watched it.

We went to Wolseley to celebrate some friends' birthdays the next day...

...and Moppet was fascinated with this little beetle and let it walk over her hands for a while. She was so interested that it was contagious, and Squidge, who is normally scared of insects, let it on his hand too :)

Sprout got an Iron Man helmet from the charity shop, so they played dress up when we got home, and helped each other with their outfits :)

Moppet and Squidge had a snuggly morning watching cartoons together...

...then I surprised them all with the Lego Movie Game, so they had a big play on that :)

Gruff took Squidge and Moppet to the cinema to see Frozen again, while I variously cleaned up the week's activities, played the Lego Movie Game with Sprout, and got some work done. Sprout aka Iron Man and I then went to pick them up and get ice cream :)

They had a friend over that afternoon and Squidge found his Vectron Wave that he hasn't played with in a while and they all had loads of fun with it!

They all had an afternoon playing in the garden...

...and we did some science experiments! Following how much they liked the black snake indoor fireworks last week, using the instructions on this link we made a 4:1 mixture of icing sugar and bicarbonate of soda. Then the kids made some mounds of sand, put a dip in the top of them which we wet with lighter fluid and then filled with the sugar/bicarb mixture. Then I used a kitchen blowtorch to heat it. It did indeed make little black worms that grew as the CO2 and water vapour (from the breakdown of the sodium bicarbonate and the burning of the sugar) was released. The kids experimented with what would happen if they did flat ones and deep ones and big ones and small ones, and what the result was if they added more of the mixture on top as it burned, and then what would happen if we heated the sand with the blowtorch. It was fun!

Then we had another try at the iodine/hydrogen peroxide experiment that failed completely last week. This time I had some stronger H2O2 (30%). Initially it seemed to do absolutely nothing, but when we came back to it it looked like this! We're going to experiment again in the next few days to see if we can make it go faster.

There was also crazy dancing...

...pop rocks volume competitions...

...more sandpit play...

...and the boys watering the plants they've been growing.

I'd got Sprout some acrylics for him to complete the design on the wooden magazine box he made. He's started with some radioactivity warning symbols, and inside he's says he's "being very artistic in a fruit ninja style" :)

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