Monday, 12 May 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 14 Mr Tickle's Jam Roly Poly

Squidge wanted to carry on his Mr Men Cookbook mission today while his friend was here, so we found the next recipe in the book, Mr Tickle's Jam Roly Poly, and doubled the recipe so they could make one each :)

They started by sieving 8oz of self raising flour each, and mixing in an ounce of sugar and 4oz of vegetable suet. They then added, bit by bit, about 130ml of water until they had a firm dough, then kneaded it until it was fairly smooth. Then they each rolled their ball of dough out into a rectangle (ish) about half a cm deep. 

They spooned some jam into the middle (about two tablespoons) and spread it out, leaving a border round the edge. They brushed the border with a bit of water, and rolled them up narrow end to narrow end, brushing the top with a bit of milk. 

They put them in middle of the oven on gasmark 7 for about 40 minutes...

...then sliced them and served them with custard :) Squidge's friend was so pleased, he'd never cooked anything before so he was very proud of what he ended up with, and put away a couple of bowls full!

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