Monday, 2 September 2013

Welsh Government, aka Alex Forrest

Picture the final minutes of Fatal Attraction. Glenn Close's Alex Forrest, following her desperate attempts to hook Michael Douglas's Dan, lies under the bathwater, seemingly dead. Members of the audience jump and sharp intakes of breath are heard as she rises from the water, brandishing the knife! Bang! A bullet to the chest, ending her for good. Credits roll....

But wait! Here she is again! Desperately clinging to life, she once again rises from the bath water, brandishing the same knife! Cue jumps and intakes of breath! And bang! A bullet to the chest ends her for good.

Oh! Splash! She rises from the bathwater, desperately brandishing the knife! Audience members exchange glances of wtf-ness but wait to see what's happening. Bang! Dead, ended for good.

But hold on! Here she is, rising desperately from the bathwater, brandishing the knife! Audience members begin to leave. Bang. Dead.

But wait! She rises desperately from the bathwater, brandishing the knife! C'mon, just die now, the remaining audience members think. You're a psycho, no-one wants you here. Bangdeadsplash.

Oh! Here she comes! Rising from the water, desperately brandishing the knife!

Bored yet?

Then you'll have some idea how home educators feel right now as the Welsh Government yet again erroneously and misguidedly tangles up home education with welfare in this safeguarding consultation.

I have more to say on this, and other things surrounding it, but this morning I have a seven year old who wants to start a business, beta test an in-development game, and make beeswax candles with his own harvested brood comb, a five year old who wants to cook a rogan josh, make a hat out of tortillas a la Despicable Me 2 and make candles out of crayons, and a one year old who wants to dance with me.

So I'll just say this. Bang. We will stop this one too. And then you just need to stop coming back; It's boring, it's irritating, and we will win.

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