Sunday, 25 August 2013

'Ancient' Minecraft Creeper Book (Craft How-To)

We've been planning on doing the 'old book' Crazy Covers craft from the Great Art Attack Stuff book for a while, and Sprout decided he wanted his to be an ancient Minecraft Creeper book.

A book (we used a hardback A4 notebook)
Toilet paper
PVA watered down (2 glue to one water)
Brush for glue
Tissue paper
Black marker pen

Lay pieces of toilet paper over the book cover (front, back and spine) and brush with the PVA mixture. Do two or three layers. Leave to dry overnight.
Once dry, soak small handfuls of toilet paper in the PVA mixture and squeeze out, then shape hinges, corner guards, locks, and anything else that you want on the book cover. Sprout did a square where the creeper face was going to be. 
Depending on what design you are doing, you might want to add some coloured tissue paper using the same method you used for the first layers of toilet paper. Sprout added a green square in the centre of the cover ready for our creeper face.
Leave it to dry. (Ours took a couple of days to dry properly).
Once dry, paint the main part of the cover brown to look like old leather (black or deep red or dark green might also look good!), and the fittings gold to look like brass.
This is Squidge painting his Spiderman cover but it's not finished yet :)

Once the paint is dry, add details in black marker pen. Sprout added a keyhole and some 'embossing' including a nether star. He also added the detail to the creeper face using the marker pen.

Once everything was dry we fixed the whole thing with lacquer.

And here he is, all ready to go and get some autographs in it at Insomnia i49 :)

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