Friday, 26 July 2013

Mr Bloom I presume?

The much anticipated thunderstorms were over and gone in the blink of an eye, so back to being too hot while we whizz about :)

Moppet has acquired a hairbrush and is grooming the boys at every opportunity... she's taken to carrying these two around, feeding them, kissing them, putting them to sleep... very sweet :)

Sprout's been playing some more with the number scales they chose a few weeks ago, which has led to several days of him shouting random sums at me... Tam, quick! What's sixteen and sixteen? What's two hundred and fifty six plus two hundred and fifty six? What's one billion fifty thousand and seventeen plus thirty million and ten?? 

Terrible photo but Moppet kept pulling my arm... Sprout invented a domino game with levels and points and moss blocks and jewels... it was so much fun! He's made some progress with his tabletop Lego RPG game too but more to do on that this weekend.

He spent some time finding out the highest stable marble run he could build...

...and building clones! He explained to me that his design process involved building several matching modules, assembling them while still next to each other, then moving them apart to make individuals. 

Moppet was fascinated by the marble run and spent ages sending marbles down and watching them.

I unusually spent a car journey in the back with Sprout while Gruff drove, and Sprout was covering up different combinations of letters on his chocolate bar wrapper and asking me what it said.

We spent a particularly quiet home ed group building an epic train track...

...and I loved watching the three of them playing with the house together :)

Moppet really enjoyed playing with the camera on my phone too!

Squidge and I designed this robot, among other things, with a mosaic set too.

Today was our much awaited trip to Mr Bloom and Friends' Big Day Out at Abbey Park in Leicester. The sky looked beautiful from inside the remains of one of the towers of the old abbey (I'm assuming! Too tired to google!)...

First on the agenda after the big walk from where we managed to park was ice lollies while watching the live Rastamouse show...

...then dancing to the Rastamouse song...

...the live Mr Bloom show (which had both boys rapt)...

...then back in the sling...

...for the fairground, which unbeknownst to us was right next to the cBeebies show.

A few rides, a couple of prizes, some candy floss, and a very divided opinion on the ghost train later, and we wandered back to where we were parked, but by a far more scenic route this time. Scenic or not though we were all still worn out so we stopped for a picnic outside the Space Centre, planned our next trip there, and talked about the bench we were sitting on that was covered in plaques from the ITV Year of Promise, where people had promised all sorts of things from sponsoring a child, to losing weight, to looking after sick relatives, to loving their partner for all eternity. Sprout wondered whether the people had stuck to their promises, but I guess there's no way of knowing.

In between times we've been playing with the molecules app (they especially like looking at the DNA molecule and talking about where the two strings come from for them and me and Gruff), the water cycle, how planes fly, and working out all sorts of puzzles on The Sandbox app.

We actually have a quiet week coming up... or at least that's how it's looking now, these things tend to change :)

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