Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fire and Frogspawn

Squidge is still fascinated with fire, and Sprout had come across oil lanterns on Amnesia, so we headed to their grandparents' house to have a play with the one there, lighting it, moving the wick up and down and snuffing it out again.

While we were there we had a look at the frogspawn (later than usual due to the long winter!), chatte about the frog life cycle, and about when the dragonfly larvae would be about again as they love watching them hatch into adults.

Sprout's spent some time on The Sandbox Game, creating buildings and miners and hunters and rabbits and all sorts of other things to create worlds, while altering the climate and the like. He also downloaded Curiosity and has been having fun making patterns, watching other players making blocks disappear, trying to work out how many layers it might have, and speculating as to what is in the centre.

I've been enjoying watching the three of them playing together...

Sprout was proud to turn up at Hackspace this week and the sign he helped design was on display!

Both the boys are back into scootering again, so we've been up to the skate park. Squidge is really excited that he's learnt to jump on his scooter too.

Moppet is really eager to walk now, and is taking advantage of the better weather...

...while the boys have been using all these sunny-ish days to play at the park.

Moppet was fascinated by the bits of the rubber park floor that were different colours...

...loved all the things to hold onto and try and climb...

...and was happily waving to other wee children too :)

As always so much of what we've done is in the conversations we've had and the friends we've played with. Sprout's had some great ideas for fictional plants and the evolutionary traits they'd have, and we talked lots about seed dispersal, the purpose of fruit, tomatoes near sewer entrances, and how organisms try to carry on their lines. 

Our plans for the week ahead are a surgeon simulator game, bowling, a few more trips to the park and meet ups with friends, a trip to the pottery museum we haven't been to since last year at some point, and another B&Q Kids Can Do It class, among other things - never seems to be a quiet week ever!

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