Sunday, 23 December 2012

Puffy snow paint play and Grinch Whobilation Day

It's been a pretty quiet week with one thing and another, but first up we finished off our snow paint (half PVA glue and half shaving foam) pictures by gluing collage on the top. Squidge really loved mixing and using the snow paint, we'll definitely be doing it again.

Sprout has been playing more on his Minecraft server this week, and looking very festive while doing so :D

Meanwhile Squidge has got into Geomag again, and is mostly building people (this is his model of me and him).

There was some gingerbread decorating, starting with this gingerbread skeleton (the sweets are the vertebrae he says)... 

...and continuing with our annual gingerbread house decorating session...

...culminating in this beauty here :) I finally gave up on the annoying royal icing, having broken my whisk, and used buttercream instead, which I'll now be doing every year while wondering why I hadn't changed sooner!

We also made these marshmallow Rudolphs (compared with the link, we just used normal chocolate to melt, writing icing for eyes, and red M&Ms for noses). We could only find sour cream and onion pretzels so they tasted a bit unusual, but they were a hit with the boys anyway!

The end of the week saw our home ed trip to the pantomime, Cinderella at the Regent Theatre. The boys had both been very excited, and had watched lots of cBeebies pantos on YouTube in the run up. In the event they only stayed for the first half, but enjoyed what they saw!

They enjoyed walking back through town afterwards too as it was looking very Christmassy, and they had a couple of rides on the carousel.

Finally, we've designated the last Sunday before Christmas each year to be Grinch Whobilation Day! The preparations went somewhat awry: Green Grinchy cookies lost their colour when cooked (I blame the natural green food colouring which was all I could find); And we tried to make Grinchy popcorn, but instead almost started a fire! If you do try the recipe, I recommend not putting it in the oven at the end.)
Not to be discouraged, I made this cake (inspired by this one)... 

...and served it along with popcorn (mixed with a bit of green food colouring and sprinkled with green salt), green M&Ms...

 and Grinchy ice cream floats (limeade, a drop of green food colouring, and a scoop of ice cream)...

 ...while we watched, oddly enough, The Grinch film. 
And *now* we're feeling Christmassy!


  1. Oh wow, that cake looked as good as it tasted :):) looks a very busy day.

    1. Ta :D All the decorations were Sculpey so it'll be Grinch day again next year lol