Monday, 17 December 2012

Chasing shadows, moonlight mystery

We started off the week decorating some new plates (I've had a case of 'the drops' the past couple of weeks, so we thought we'd replace all the broken ones with some personalised by the kids!)
This is Sprout's apple tree one...

...and Squidge's depicting him and Moppet :)

We went for a Christmas meal out/gift exchange with extended family, and the boys loved the new playground at the restaurant.

Back at home, Gruff helped Squidge make some Rudolph cookies out of gingerbread men (apparently Rudolph is grumpy this year!)

Moppet found a new favourite lunch - pepperami and mature cheddar :)

Sprout really started to master the pedal-go...

...while Squidge added a cheery summery fresco with window crayons.

They were excited to get the glitter out to make these lolly stick snowflakes (seriously, still finding glitter!)...

...and we continued to glitter in a Christmas bath - we'd put a Christmas picture on the side of the bath with bath crayons, and popped in a glittery Dragon's Egg bath bomb (which smelt beautiful!)

Later in the week I made them reindeer sandwiches (chocolate pretzels for antlers, raisins for eyes, and little Reese's peanut butter cups for noses), which they adored!

They'd been keen to do some more things with snow spray since the fairy's escapades with it, so we masked off some star and snowflake shapes on some jars, sprayed on the snow, and added a couple of jewelled tealights. Pretty!

Ice cream cone Christmas trees were lots of fun too...

...and the final result :)

As well as the gaming day meet up that they love, and a couple of indoor meet ups with friends, we also had possibly *the coldest* day in the park with friends. I was very glad of having Moppet in her sling keeping me warm!

Squidge and I kept warm chasing our shadows too, he kept trying to hide his shadow in mine :)

Sprout and Squidge have spent lots of time snuggled up watching videos together and helping each other with various games. Makes me so happy to watch!

Squidge is fascinated with motorbikes at the moment, and loves hearing about how his great grandpa used to race them and won medals. He's making do with this ride at the moment :)

We also had fun this weekend making this star Santa

...and some of these plastic cup snowmen, which were Squidge's favourite :)

Aside from that this week, Squidge has been enjoying going out for car rides after dark, both to look for houses with cool Christmas lights, and also to watch the moon and stars, He's fascinated with how the moon seems to move in the sky relative to where you are, and relative to the clouds, and with how its shape changes daily. He and Sprout have been looking on the internet at dark skies, and we're planning a trip away from light pollution to go and see some proper stars!
Sprout meanwhile is still engrossed in his Addictaball, and is enjoying Nerd cubed videos more than any other.He's alos been reflecting on being seven pretty soon, and has been telling us the things he thinks will change (the things he likes watching) and the things he thinks will stay the same no matter how old he is (the people he loves). That made my week :)

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