Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pottering about

We've had a pottering about kind of fortnight since coming back from Wales: A few days in the park with friends, and a lot of chilling out with their own things at home.

Sprout is loving Indiana Jones since we got him this game and took him to see Raiders of the Lost Ark at the IMAX in Cardiff. We managed to pick up a second hand boxed set of the films so we've been watching those, which has led to conversations about archaeology, paleontology, CGI, special effects, Mythbusters, Nazis, the Bible, religion, Christianity, types of plane, tribes, spiders, snakes, good and evil and whether they're constants, teachers, learning, universities, schools... I'm sure there was more but that's what I can remember off the top of my head.

Squidge on the other hand is all about Spiderman at the moment, so we picked him up the boxed set of that and a DVD of the old cartoons. These have led to conversations about spiders that live underwater, trapdoor spiders, happy face spiders, spider bites (Gruff had a corker of a spider bite a few weeks ago so Squidge is fascinated with this), superheroes, Young Justice, justice... and again I'm sure there was more.

Sprout has started playing a bit of World of Warcraft, and has played only a little bit of Minecraft in the past few weeks. I keep being amazed at the words he can read on there (in context - he's not yet a spontaneous reader, but it's all part of the process isn't it). He's also asking lots what various words mean when he hears them in conversations; The one that sticks out from last night was the word 'industry', he overheard it in a conversation we were having about chrome plating and the metal finishing industry, and we ended up talking about the word in terms of the automotive and gaming industries.

Squidge has also been watching Fly me to the Moon, and a *lot* of Despicable Me (I completely love this film), which has led to questions from Sprout about how parts of a space shuttle detach, and someone forwarded me this really cool video showing how the fuel tank separates.

Sprout asked how things balance, so we watched some videos, talked about centres of gravity, and I've ordered a couple of little balancing toys that I think he'll enjoy too.

They've both enjoyed watching a bit of Wheeler Dealers with Gruff, and Squidge is enjoying watching I Can Cook and playing the games online, and has plans to make tomato spirals today.

We picked up some old Magnetix for a couple of quid, which Squidge has spent lots of time engrossed in...

Sprout came across some strips of plinth seal at my parents' house that is waiting to be used in their new kitchen, and realised it was perfectly shaped to make big marble runs with...

Squidge has been setting up lots of assault courses through the house with just about *anything* he can find...

The dressing up box has seen *a lot* of use... has Gruff's uniform...

...and, er, Moppet's wardrobe haha :D

And I'm really chuffed that they've both enjoyed my book, the first copies of which were delivered this week. They've asked for me to read it over and over again, so happy Mummy :D

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