Friday, 12 October 2012

Let those poor children rest

This. This is the reason (or a big one) we want absolutely zero to do with the school system or the council.

I don't think they've noticed, but they have a problem. (Or actually, to be fair, I think they've noticed, but they're like that annoying guy in the office who keeps f***ing up and trying to scoot the blame onto everyone else.) Children keep dying. It's horrible, and tragic, and heartbreaking. Mostly children in school or children too young to be at school. But also very occasionally children who aren't at school. "Thank f***!" cry the council workers, "Someone to blame that isn't us!" Except, they are to blame. Khyra Ishaq? Very much known to the authorities. Victoria Climbie? Same. "Never mind!" shriek the slightly unhinged 'authorities', "Let's stick two fingers up at the idea that we should learn from these awful, awful deaths and try and stop it happening to any more poor kids by actually properly using the powers that we already have. Instead of that, let's keep saying over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again that it was because they were home educated. We know it's not true, but it'll take the heat off us and keep the pitchforks being raised where they belong, over at those weirdo home educators!" (I'm paraphrasing here, you understand.)

"Let's start off with registration! We know it wouldn't have helped a single one of these poor kids - the ones already known to social services, the ones we failed, the ones too young, the ones in school, the ones already seen by nurseries where no signs of abuse are seen, the ones who were just really unlucky to have a mentally unstable mother who could have taken them away school or no school. We know not one of them would have been helped. But let's keep on pointing the finger of blame at a group of people who aren't understood, who are already viewed with suspicion, and that way the focus stays off us and our system."

"But how?" questions a momentary sliver of moral in the long forgotten recesses of their brains (Ha yes okay you're right, these people have no such thing, but bear with me.) "How will we do that when the facts of all these horribly tragic cases speak for themselves?"

"We'll just lie! LIEEEEEE! Mooha..moohahahah...moohahahahahahahaha!"

For who needs cartoon villains, when you have people such as Julia Swan, ready to fabricate statistics and drag up the names of these poor poor dead children, in order to demonise a law-abiding section of the community to cover their own colossal failings and further their own agendas. Because they know that in general, when people read something in the papers, they won't go and check the facts for themselves. They'll just happily swallow whatever they've just been told.

It sickens me to the pit of my stomach every time I see these poor children's names being dragged out again in articles such as this, about things that do *not* relate to their deaths, being used in such a completely inhuman way to further these people's agendas.

Shame on you, Julia Swan. And shame on you TES for yet again publishing such an unbalanced, poisonous, unethical piece riddled with untruths.

Let those children rest.


  1. Thank you sooo much. I for once can't find it in me to comment on the article in the TES. A sign that I need to stay away from it for now. But so glad that you have written this.

    1. Me neither. I'm so so grateful to the people that still do put the facts in the comments sections of these things, but for me it's just such a frustrating exercise because 1. I don't think for a minute they read the comments, and 2. If they did read the comments all they'd see is wawa, wawawa, wawa a la Charlie Brown's teacher. They only speak system-ese.