Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hotdog spaghetti spiders, and other animals

First up this week, how much has Moppet grown??? I know they do, obviously, but sometimes I do a bit of a double take and think... Whoa! She's almost five and a half months old (almost 4 months old if you adjust her age for how early she was!), so mummy milk is clearly doing the business :)

Next up, and potentially more prominent in the global scheme of things - the Olympics, London 2012. Both Sprout and Squidge have been consistently disinterested when I've mentioned it in the run-up, but all of a sudden they're huge Olympic enthusiasts, watching the opening ceremony, cheering on Team GB, asking how long until Squidge goes to the men's football semis (Squee! Wish I was going too!), and, of course, wearing Union Jack hats and waving flags and mascots :)

I finally got round to making hot dog spaghetti spiders, which I've been meaning to do for ages since I saw this - they took a while to make but the boys were both suitably impressed (although Squidge only wanted to eat the legs!)

Squidge is still enjoying spending lots of time cooking, this week was most definitely sweet week with krispie cakes, millionaire's shortbread, tiffin and fresh fruit crumbles. He had the last of a big batch of Spinach, Potato and Chickpea Jalfrezi this lunchtime too, so is going to make some more with me this weekend. I love how much he loves spicy food!

The boys have both been playing a lot recently with a big hoard of cardboard boxes (seriously, I *never* throw anything away just in case they could make something out of it, when we finally move house there's going to be a huge amount of junk modelling stuff put on Freegle!), and I remembered I had the pack of Makedo ready to build a Mercury Capsule with, so make it we did...

We followed that with a couple of days of playing *lots* of board games, The Magic Toothfairy Game and Rush Hour Junior being their current favourites...

Sprout has been playing a bit less Minecraft this week and a bit more of other games - Happy Wheels and Sushi Cat in particular. His rediscovery of Sushi Cat led to them both asking to try some sushi, so we went out and got some, and they even used chopsticks! (The jury's out on the sushi mind you.)

There was no karate this week as their martial arts centre is on its summer break, but Sprout fancied doing some bouldering and some horse riding, neither of which he'd done last month as we were so busy with other things. Squidge is so keen to start bouldering with him but isn't quite big enough yet.

Squidge in really enjoying watching Sprout ride too - it gives him just the right distance to be excited about seeing the horses while at the same time not being too scared. The last two weeks, since having the puppy, have seen an enormous change in him with regards to him being fearful of animals. He's been playing with the puppy lots (they both have), picking her up and cuddling her, he even came to the vets with me and got up the courage to go in the waiting room where there were other dogs. He's even cuddling the cat now, which he's almost never done before!

 In the car this week we've listened a bit to our new CD of Barenaked Ladies' Snacktime which was recommended to us and the boys are finding fun, but we've mostly been listening to They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science, with Sprout having The Elements Song on repeat a good deal. It led yesterday to a long conversation about what elements were in lava, rock, sand, flowers and computers. Love unschooling!

Squidge has been doing a lot more imaginary play over the past couple of weeks, his favourites being shopkeeper, someone who's stuck and needs pulling out with an imaginary rope, and, since last night, vet. This is him examining a baby hippo, baby giraffe, cow, pig, sheep and dog that all came to see him in the same carrier :)

Towards the end of the week we spent the afternoon at the Teddy Bears' Picnic at Ford Green Hall (although they stayed topical and took Wenlock the Olympic mascot instead of teddy bears!), where it rained and Moppet cried but Sprout and Squidge ran round with some of their friends and had fun anyway :)

Sprout even had his face painted...which lasted a record 3-4 minutes before he wanted it taking off :)

Back at home they were both beyond excited to see that Moon Shoes had arrived. 'Cause, you know, they weren't bouncy enough to begin with!

Later on Sprout brought me another heart (so sweet!)...

...and Squidge fell asleep. Or is he planking?


  1. Glad the boys liked our recommendation - we love 'Pollywog in a bog' and 'Popcorn' - great for bouncing along to :)

    1. Lol sorry that below was supposed to be a reply to you but my phone is being a pain :)

  2. Yes they do, thanks :D They're favourite so far is 789, but I reckon that'll change as they get to know more of the lyrics of the others :)