Monday, 13 August 2012

Fun with photos!

We had a quiet day at home today, and Squidge asked to make photos of himself as an alien. I remembered a couple of apps I had on my iPhone (CamWow and Camera Art FX) that I thought might do the job, and we had a play around... 

Alien Squidge

Two-headed alien Squidge

Light being alien Squidge

In Squidge's words, "Ohhhh....mine.....gaaaaad!!!"

Radioactive alien Squidge

Splat alien Squidge

And Neon alien Squidge.
Then he wanted to try some pictures of Moppet...

And then Sprout was tempted away from Roblox...

And finally Sprout took this one of me and Moppet, which is kinda weird but I also kinda love :)

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