Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Petition time! (Yes, still)

Having had a real push, in advance of the second reading of the CSF bill, on trying to get my non-HE friends to understand the implications of the bill and get them to sign the petition, I've had a number of different types of reponse. A couple of my closest friends signed, and let me know they had. These are people who have already let me know how wrong they think the government are being. One person let me know that, essentially, he thought I'd gone "loony lefty" (clearly some research into politics would lend informational accuracy to these insults, oh well), but would sign anyway. The biggest response by far however, despite the huge implications for all families in the reversal of the burden of proof and unprecedented invasion of the family home, was no response. None at all. And, I assume (although perhaps wrongly), no signature on the petition.

The Bill passed through anyway to the next stage, as expected, but the fight goes on, and as well as continuing to lobby MPs and Lords, we really need those petition signatures, and for that we need to get people to understand the implications for them. For their family. For their children. Yes, not these Home Educated children that don't have anything to do with you. YOUR family. YOUR children.

So I've come up with a few light hearted ways of posting the petition link, in an effort to keep posting it without people skimming over and ignoring it. Feel free to use them or cross post if you like :)


Knock knock!
Who's there?
Paula who?
Poorly trained council worker with a right to come into your house against your wishes, check you have your heating on if I deem it necessary, check I don't think you have to many people living in one house, check I think your children are being parented properly in my opinion, and make your children do what I think is right, regardless of their feelings and genuine welfare or yours. I will have the right to do this in any home as the government are going to take the unprecedented step of reversing the burden of proof, so that people have to prove they are innocent rather than us having to prove they are not. If you want to try and stop me being able to do this, sign the petition here

Classic Facebook

URGENT WARNING! You may recently have seen Ed “Bully Boy” Balls demanding CRB checks unnecessarily, overriding Select Committee findings, and generally acting like a totalitarian megalomaniac. He is actually a FACEBOOK VIRUS! He has escaped from the computer system into the world of politics, and is programmed to control your children's thoughts and wipe out individuality. The virus has immovable programming, impenetrable by logic, reason, or the law. It is cunning and has found ways of bypassing parents that want to protect their children and do the best for them. To help stop this virus, sign this petition Then go to your Facebook settings, click on egotistical self interested control freak politicians, then click delete.


Take one bun from oven, baked to perfection. Season with parental love and guidance. Watch bun rise happily. Add one government, totalitarian and controlling. Watch as bun sinks, gets prodded, poked, measured, tested, and temperature probed. Sign petition here to stop government having control over buns against their wishes. Remove struggling bun from government's control. Season further with parental love until bun returns to it's own perfect individual state.


When I was back there in
home school
There was a person there
Who put forth the proposition
That you can petition Ed Balls
with reason
Petition Ed Balls with reason
Petition Ed Balls with reason
You cannot petition Ed Balls with reason!

But we're gonna try anyway, sign here

(With thanks to The Doors for inspiration)

EU friendly

Bonjour Mesdames, Messieurs, fils et filles. S'il vous plait, signer cette pétition pour le gouvernement britannique arrêter d'être contrôle freaks. Merci beaucoup.

Plant sprout. Love, water and nurture. Watch sprout grow in it's optimal environment. Add one government, eager to ensure all sprouts are the same and under their control. Watch as sprout gets fertilised chemically and uniformly, then measured. Watch as sprout withers and struggles. Watch as sprout gets fertilised again, chemically and uniformly. Sign petition here to stop government having control over sprouts against their wishes. Watch sprout struggle with unsuitable regime. Remove sprout from government growing programme. Transplant into fresh compost, and resume loving, watering and nurturing. Watch as sprout blossoms into unique and fulfilled bloom.

Blunt fact

Please help by signing this petition, as if the government's plans go through I will have a criminal record in the next couple of years simply for letting my children learn by experiencing the amazing world around them, and not allowing council workers into my home to attempt to measure the unmeasurable, what wonderful things lie in my children's minds.


  1. Ha ha I love the humour.I hope it works .May I steal them to share on my facebook too? Will also link to your blog .

  2. Love it, definitely posting on my facebook.