Monday, 21 December 2009

The unsurprising self-interest of the NASUWT

The article on page 23 of the December 2009 issue of the NASUWT magazine continues in the unsurprising vein of criticism of Home Education. I've reproduced it for you below, but rather than boring you with the original, riddled with spelling mistakes as it is, I've replaced Home Education with 'eating at home', in the hope that anyone who may have read this shocking piece of self-interested prejudice and thought it reasonable, may now reread it in a new light.

"Following a review of eating at home, the Government is propsing (sic) to introduce arrangements for the registration and monitoring of children who eat at home. The consultation document 'Eating at Home: Registration and montoring (sic) proposals' sets out proposals for a registration scheme and arrangements for the monitoring of provision to ensure all children receive the nutrition to which thet (sic) are entitled.

The National Union of Restaurateurs was cited in the 'Report to the Secretary of State on the Review of Eating at Home in England' by Graham Badman as an Organisation that supported a restaurant-based system of nutrition for all.

The Key recommendations within the report were that all children who eat at home should be:

* Registered with their LA
* visited regularly by an LA representative to ensure their wellbeing; and
* able to have access to facilities within restaurants

The National Union of Restaurateurs' response to the consultation stated that the only way the Government can be sure of meeting its stated aims within the Every Child Matters framework is to make restaurant meals obligatory for all children.

The Union was exrememly concerned with the findings of the report, which stated that there are no reliable estimates of the numbers of children who eat meals at home.

The National Union of Restaurateurs therefore agreed that if the Government was unable to make eating in restaurants obligatory, there should be an LA register of children who eat at home, with a network of support and monitoring to ensure that the nutrition of all children meets a set of nationaly agreed principles.

The National Union of Restaurateurs supported the recommendation to allow children who usually eat at home the option to use restaurant facilities but felt that this would need careful monitoring to ensure that it could be managed effectively.

The Union also expressed concerns that there were significant resource implications of the recommendations were agreed in full.

The final report from the DCSF is expected at the end of the year."

I tried to find a picture of a group of ignorant self-serving fools to accompany this post, however google kept redirecting me to the DCSF site. Weird.


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